It’s About Time

Flat EarthOne of the most useful aspects of living in a three dimensional world, with a forward arrow of time, is that everything doesn’t happen at once.

The gravity that sucks us to the Earth prevents us floating off into space and keeps us, for the most part, on the ground where the air is breathable and the temperature is largely tolerable.

All in all, we live in a controlled environment which is just about ideal for life-as-we-know-it but, just imagine if …

  • What if we could annul the force of gravity?
  • What if we could tap into the future?
  • What if it was all an illusion?
  • What would happen if the ‘rules’ all changed overnight?

Another good couple of questions to ask is why I might even pose the questions above and have I lost my marbles?

Well, over the last few years, I have personally experienced all of the above phenomena:

  • I have fully levitated once and partially levitated on another occasion.
  • I have lost count of the number of ‘future memory’ events I have experienced.
  • I can demonstrate to anyone, either face to face or even over Skype, how to see through the illusion of time.

As an engineer, I have done a considerable amount of [empirical] research into these phenomena and, in some cases, worked out how we can utilise them repeatedly for real world use – all apart from the levitation ‘trick’ as yet that is.

Here’s just a few things we can do when time slackens off a little:

  • Get more done in less linear time.
  • Obtain words we have yet to write.
  • Tune into light bulb moments on demand.
  • Make huge leaps forward in scientific research and discovery.
  • Go back to the point an illness or dis-ease started and heal it in the present.
  • Go to a future point in time when an illness or dis-ease has resolved and heal it in the present.

What’s more these are not imaginary flights of fancy. I use all these techniques daily if not weekly and I know they are not some special gift that only a select few can tap into. The ability to do all of this and intrinsic to us all.

So why blog about this now?

Well, in my efforts to understand all of this, I have researched a fair amount of esoteric literature and connected with some people on the planet at the real cutting-edge of ‘things’. It appears we are on the cusp of a planetary shift not experienced since we “Got The Word”, or self-awareness, a million or so years ago.

It appears things will be changing and that this change won’t be initiated by governments or religions but by a collective raising of our awareness. This shift will be initiated by Us!! The signs and symptoms are all around, like:

  • Collapse of financial systems.
  • Increasing secularity.
  • The attraction of social media.
  • Increasing awareness of issues at a planetary level.
  • Funding from ‘the crowd’ taking over from debt creation (i.e. lending) from the banks.

The Opportunity

As far as I am ‘aware’, very few ‘humans’ had much to do with the last Big Shift when self-awareness became incarnate. This time however, there’s an opportunity to get involved to both experience it and have a hand in where it leads. For a few thousand years now, humans have perhaps possessed a unique ability to shape their environment and alter their own evolutionary path. Our increased longevity, in the Western World at least, is a testament to this. Our ability to reach for the stars and look back at our Pale Blue Dot of a planet has given us amazing context for who we are and our place in the Universe.

From various sources, I have come to the conclusion that we are on the brink of a Planetary Ascension. This is the next phase of evolution for Mother Earth, Lady Gaia. At the same time, higher level spiritual intelligence will incarnate in us (and other life forms). In the same way, “pre-word” our ancestors could not imagine sharing internal thoughts in the form of spoken word, this will lead to a whole new set of experiences and different-abilities for us.

A Clarion Call !!

So how do you get to play with what’s about to unfold?

For rapid preparation and immersion into the delights of the forthcoming ‘dimensional shift’, I have created a self-paced, self-study course called Living Timefully

It is delivered to your In Box over a period of 10 weeks and delivers all these benefits :

  • You will learn how to make your mind go quiet.
  • You will find out how to get more done in less time.
  • You will know how to tap into future memories.
  • You will realise how time really is an illusion, albeit a pervasive one.
  • You will invite serendipity into your life.

To create as much time as you need and get more done, start Living Timefully

Living Timefully

New Magic for a New Era

Tom Evans and Lilou Mace

New Magic for a New Era

I had the real honour at the end of last year of being interviewed by Lilou Mace on GaiamTV.

At the time, I had no idea what the interview would be about, what I would say and certainly how it would be entitled.

When it was first broadcast it was a bit of a wake up call for me and a reminder that I had so much to share that was hidden either in my head, buried in my heart or stuck on my hard drive.

You can watch the interview here to get an idea of what magic awaits you …

It's lead me to repackaging and relaunching my eLearning courses and workshops and to redesign them to bring magic into your world. If you are fed up pushing water uphill, these programmes will show you how to go with the flow and how to lead a charmed life.

Check them out here

… and in turn, this has lead me to writing a book about it all which is coming out early in 2015.

New Magic for a New Era

Connecting Upstairs to Downstairs

Stephanie J KingIn this conversation, author, healer, transformational life coach and Soulpreneur, Stephanie J King shares her vision for a new way to be.

If you’ve been struggling or pushing water uphill, find out how connecting with ’upstairs’ pays great dividends. Discover how a mind shift at an individual level has a collective effect and creates a global awakening. Find out how to awaken to miracles and to allow them into your life.

Stephanie finishes this conversation with a channelled visualisation to help initiate this shift.

Find more about Stephanie, her work, her books, talks and meditations on her web site

Our Two Minds of Time

Brain hemispheresWe are blessed with two minds …

One sits inside space and time, the other everywhere and ‘everywhen’ else.

Listen to this purposely short podcast to find out what happens when we get them working together.


Change the way you think and add hours to your days

Many time management systems teach you how to better prioritise and how to beat procrastination. This system is fundamentally different – it shows you how to change the speed of your thoughts, using meditative and mindfullness techniques, so you change the subjective passage of time.

Learn how to control your own Personal Time Machine – your Mind.

This ecourse contains over four hours of mind altering exercises and visualisations to take you into altered and heightened states of consciousness. The programme is simple to follow, completely safe and also very, very relaxing.

You will also find out that we have different time clocks running all over our bodies!

Take some Time Out to give yourself more Me-Time and you will get your investment back in this revolutionary time management programme in no time at all.

Manage Your Time with Mindfulness

This course on bendy time is based on bendy pricing – you only pay what you can afford

What is the Cube of Karma?

Cube of Karma

In conversation with Rachel Willis, CEO of Lightworker Magazine …

So Tom, I’ve been hearing some glowing reports about the Cube but what in the world is it?
Thanks Rachel, in short it’s a one-to-one mentoring programme to take people on an elegant path of accelerated evolution.

That sounds fantastic but you can’t just say that and leave it there, where did it come from? Did you just make it up or channel it?
It’s based on some esoteric knowledge called the Cube of Space which I came across a few years ago and didn’t know what to do with. When I wrote my book Flavours of Thought last year, which is inspired by the Major Arcana, I realised I could map my Flavours on to the Cube. Then, in an amazing light bulb moment, I realised that I’d simplified what was a bit arcane and obscure and made it accessible to a contemporary audience.

So how does it work?
It starts with a bit of pre-work where we establish a person’s karmic purpose. This includes listening to a guided visualisation and completing a simple questionnaire. I also tune into the person’s etheric body which tells me about residual karmic issues that may need voiding.

Sorry, what’s voiding?
It’s kind of the opposite of avoiding. We often procrastinate and become busy fools and a-void what we came to do. By voiding issues and tackling them, you both cleanse your aura and fulfill your pre-agreed karmic destiny.

Are you saying that our life is pre-agreed and pre-determined?
Yes and no – this is one of the great mysteries that results from us being inside our so-called 3D reality. Our life is BOTH predetermined AND we have complete free will to change it at any time. This apparent paradox only becomes clear when we can see ourselves from outside the illusion.

So when people embark on a trip around the Cube, does this become any clearer?
Yes, the key to understanding this paradox and to jumping up an evolutionary step is to see our lives as a series of ‘things that arrive’ as opposed to events we instigate. When you start journeying around the Cube, you get amazing objectivity and clarity about this. Everything starts to make sense and really wonderful serendipities come your way, as if by magic.

And how long does a trip around the Cube take?
Well there are six faces to the Cube and some hidden internal pathways. The number of sessions depends a lot on how far someone has already come but typically we’d be looking at between 3 and 6 sessions ranging from 1 to 2 hours each. I recommend these sessions are spread over a few months too.

And how do people get embark on a journey?
Well the first step is to have a listen to the visualisation I mentioned which takes people on a trip the Akashic Records Office where we make our life plan for each incarnation. It’s only 11 minutes long and people get some amazing insights from it.


If you want to take a tour and bring magic into your life, click here …