It’s Powtoon Time

Created Using PowtoonBig Thanks to Lea Woodward and Jackie Walker for pointing me earlier this year at the most fabulous animation tool called Powtoon.

It allows ‘numpties’ like me to put together pretty amazing trailers for product and book promotions – there’s just a few examples below of what you can do with it.

And even better still, they have invited me to do a animation series on how best to communicate a message in Just a Minute … watch the trailer here

Powtoon Application #001 : Product Promotion

I prepared this short trailer to promote my Bending Time ecourse

Powtoon Application #002 : Web Site Landing Page

Here’s a trailer for a new web site for the marvellously talented Sue Warwick

Powtoon Application #003 : Book Trailer

This is an example for a book trailer

Powtoon Application #004 : Presentations & eLearning

I even used Powtoon to build a whole Udemy training course based on an earlier book called Flavours of Thought. This animation is just one of 30 in the course which comprise over 160 minutes of animated content – phew !!

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