Be Creative While You Sleep

Listen to the latest Moments of Light podcast interview with Davina Mackail, author of The Dream Whisperer.

There are so many benefits of using your dream-time to be creative – apart from just being more efficient by using time we think is wasted, the quality of the information you can receive is quite literally ‘out of this world’ …

Listen to this interview to find out how to remember and interpret them and why buying a dream interpretation book isn’t necessarily a good investment …

Davina Mackail works as a shamanic life coach and healthier home and business expert.

She is also an experienced teacher, writer, presenter and inspirational speaker. Her passion is encouraging the magnificence of humanity and inspiring people to live from their hearts and fulfil their dreams. This has led to a life long study of the human mind, metaphysics, quantum physics, the nature of consciousness, philosophy, psychology and shamanism – a passion that is as much part of her being as breathing.

Her book, The Dream Whisperer, is published by Hay House will help you unlock the treasure house of your dreams.

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Find out more about Davina and her magical work on her web site

Steve Taylor : Out of the Darkness

One of the best things about being an author is getting to talk to other authors – especially those writing in a similar field to you.

One of the writers I have admired for many years who has been really generous with reviews of my books is Steve Taylor.

Even more of a coincidence is that we’re both Manchester lads exploring consciousness and what it means to be human.

So I was thrilled to speak to Steve recently for my Moments of Light show on Barefoot Radio about his new book, Out of Darkness. Naturally, we covered the others too … namely The Fall, Making Time and Waking from Sleep.

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Steve’s web site
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