Starting a ‘Wave

Starting a ‘Wave

When you haven’t written a book, getting it actually published can seem like a bit of a mountain to climb.

When you do get it published, it can appear like another bigger and harder mountain appears – and that’s to tell people about it and to get them to read it.

In the lull between the editing and publication process, I spent much time meditating and dog walking, allowing ideas and memes to come to me as to how to go about it.

I kicked off four of the ideas this month and already the ‘wave is building and propagating around the world.

Wave #1 : Getting Readers Together

This is beneficial on many levels.

Readers get to meet other like minded souls and the book connects them actually using the intrinsic force of soulwaves. Readers can also connect with me and ask me anything, as can I of them. Hopefully readers will tell other people to become readers and to join the Facebook Group. This builds the ‘wave.

By far and away the best benefit of the group is going to be the moonthly waves that we start together. The first one will be propagating out on the next New Moon, the 23rd Feb.

This one will be an Abundance Wave!

Join the Group here if you want to catch it …

Wave #2 : Creating Ambience

In the tradition of Jeff Lynne and War of the Worlds, and lesser known but much better Snowgoose by Camel, I am embarking on creating a album of ambient meditative music inspired by my own book, Soulwaves.

I have found a new guitar teacher who is helping me with composition and the first track is really me just getting my head around Abelton.

It covers the first five chapters where our hero descends from the Void to the Density, ending up with him in his mother’s womb.

They will appear first in the private Facebook group, then on Insight Timer on each Full Moon – you can also listen to it here.

Wave #3 : Providing Guidance

And around each New Moon, I am releasing a guided meditation which explores how we can strengthen our connection with our soul.

This first track, Being Soul-full, is a gentle introduction and warm up.

Incidentally, it uses the background layer from next month’s ambient track. It warmed my soul when one Insight Timer meditator posed this question.

Tom Evans Composer

Meditation 1 : Being Soul-full

Wave #4 : Enlightened Converations

I have found podcasting is by far and away the best way to make soul-to-soul connections, without leaving your home.

My podcast, The Zone Show, was in mothballs while I moved house and finished off Soulwaves last year.

This year it’s back with a splash and my first guest was the amazing Joanna Penn – and I am guest #2 with my new co-host Jackie Roberts. You can watch our conversation in the video below (or catch it on The Zone ShowThe Zone Show).

Finding a Way

Finding a Way

While I have been busy creating the Soulwaves book itself, I have consciously done nothing about publishing it, other than to observe what is happening in the industry. So rather than me having to find the way to get it published, I’ve been allowing the paths to publication and marketing to find me.

I had already used Ingram Spark last year for the Big U and am using them again but this time also publishing a hardback version. I wanted something other than just ACX and iTunes for the audiobook though.

Thanks mainly to the wonderful Creative Penn podcast, from the prolific and supremely knowledgeable Joanna Penn, I’m using a new way to distribute the audiobook version.

Findaway Voices not only submit your audiobook to ACX/Audible and iTunes but over 40 other audiobook platforms. Before submitting Soulwaves (at nearly 10 hours long), I tested the system out with the audiobook version of The Germinatrix (at less than 1 hour long).

I had the usual tech issues to fix with ACX, my fault for rushing, but pleased to see the book out on so many places it has never been heard before. Note, I serialised it on Insight Timer over the last two years – well that method worked for Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells!

Listen to Joanna’s podcast with Will Dages of Findaway Voices

Listen to my first audiobook distributed by them – The Germinatrix

Also this month, I had a lovely heart-to-heart with wordsmith, Mariëlle Smith …



Proofing the Pudding

Usually initial proof read and recording of audiobook catches 99% of errors. As the first sample print books of Soulwaves arrived this month, it was clear I only caught 95% or so!

Thank goodness for print on demand and setting a pre-order date.

Perhaps as this is so big and expansive in plot – over billions of years of time and 150,000 light years in space – I have learned a novel such as this needs an additional proof read after the recording of the audiobook.

So December will be spent ironing out the wrinkles. You can however safely pre-order the book in all good online bookstores and it will be perfect by the 10th Jan 2020.



Making a Living from Writing

Joanna PennAuthor and speaker, Joanna Penn, shares the secrets of how to follow your bliss and make a living from writing.

This is one podcast to tune into if you want to escape the 9 to 5.

Audio version :

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Making a Living from Your Writing” artist=”Joanna Penn” image=”” color=”6688aa” social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_email=”true” ]

Video version :

Topics we explore:

  • Networking with other authors is important when starting out
Tapping into creativity while making money
  • Making money while you sleep
  • Why it’s important to follow your bliss and to write more than one book
  • How the publishing landscape has changed in less than 10 years
  • Choosing a living and a lifestyle
  • Intellectual property makes money for a lifetime
  • Our creative output creates a legacy that lasts for 70 years after we pass
  • How writing for nonfiction differs from crafting fiction
  • Content marketing for fiction is writing more fiction
  • Why a series of books is essential
  • Make a good living by focusing on entertainment, education and inspiration
  • Ambition for creatives is important

Useful Links

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