A Magnum Opus

A Magnum Opus

Boring ebookWhen you embark on an unknown path, you can guarantee a few things will occur. Firstly, you might get lost or stuck. Secondly, you might find new places, bump into new people and stumble across new opportunities. Thirdly, you may end up somewhere you never imagined.

I am fortunate and blessed that the second and third of these eventualities has fallen into my lap. To date, I have managed to deliver all the planned materials (and a few surprises to me) for the Path to Overstanding.

I knew that about now, seven moonths along the Path, things were about to open up considerably for me and those wandering along the Path with me. I had no idea however quite how significant the unfolding would be.

I have just started an exposition of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is one of the Master Recipes that I planned to share as it contains all 22 of the Flavours of Thought (and some more still). 

The problem I have always had with studying it is how complex it has been made by those holding its keys. Study of Hebrew, Gematria and all sorts of arcane and obfuscating language form a huge barrier and steep learning curve for those who would like to benefit from the secrets held in this magical glyph.

I am fortunate that years of experience with meditation is actually the key to embracing its wisdom. So I am embarking on tuning in directly to the emanations of the Tree itself – there are 10 of them. As I do so, I am writing and recording brand new meditations so others can follow my steps. At the same time, I am aiming to un-obfuscating the language.

All in all, it is turning out to be much more of a magnum opus that I had ever imagined. I have always loved Paul Foster Case’s book, The Key to the Wisdom of Ages. It has been put to me by those Above, that what I am writing is the Keys to The Key to the Wisdom. I like to think of it as the “Keys for Dummies”.

So on this New Moon, the first batch of content is delivered which explores what is referred to as The Master Pattern. It’s only the first unveiling. There is more to come including no less than me revealing The Tree of Overstanding which is like the Tree of Life on steroids. It goes way Above and way down Below to dimensions not usually touched explicitly by the conventional Tree of Life.

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If you want to dip your toes in the water first, there’s a couple of events I should draw your attention to. 

On the 7th Sept, at 2pm UK time, fellow Tarot enthusiast and Insight Time meditation guide, Keziah Gibbons, will be interviewing me about how the Tarot found me.

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On the 21st Sept, again at 2pm UK time, I am running my second workshop on Insight Timer where I reveal what Overstanding the Tarot is all about.

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Paths of Return

Paths of Return

The Paths of Return

This month has been nothing less than amazing … and that’s after a load of amazing months.

It has been a time when many threads have come together and many seeds planted years ago finally germinated. The only factor was time.

Thanks to the new Insight Timer courses, my meditations have lead to a steady, monthly sleeping income from sales of The Art of Timefulness course. Just today, I recorded the 30th of 30 new meditations for my second course which will go live in the New Year. A third course will follow 6 or so months later. A monthly ‘pension’ of sorts is now flowing in which means I can create even more and more.

By way of confirmation, I was interviewed at the start of the month about my career, and path, to date by Helena Holrick and Kelly Tyler for their ChangeMaker Portal – here’s an extract that you might find amusing.

The upshot is that it can take all your life to become an overnight success and that we can end up in a better place than we planned by not having a plan, watching the signs and going with the flow.

Another big realisation came to me this month when I was researching what will be my 18th book – an opus coming out around this time next year. It is said there are 32, or 33, Paths of Return. I have always thought this was too low. This is because paths can be combined and interleaved. So if there are indeed 33 paths, it occurred to me there are 33 factorial ways they can be combined, at the very least.

It is this theme that I will be exploring in 2019 – so which of 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 paths do you plan to follow?

What’s Next?

Now the 30 day course is in the can, I plan to get back to completing the last 10% or so of my novel Soulwave in December. This should give me enough time to have it edited and done and dusted in time for my birthday next March.

The publication of the course on Insight Timer means I can drop at least two, if not three, meditation courses that I currently self-host. This means I can reduce hosting costs and get rid of loads of clutter on my web site. At the same time, all of this, and the above, allows another domino to fall down. Over the course of 2019, all my current course materials will be revamped, augmented and rebranded under the Big Ü banner and form a new course that leads on from the Big Ü book called the Biggest Ü.

More monthly musings this time next month as 2018 comes to a natural close …