The Bookwright turns a new leaf

When working with clients with my hat of the Bookwright, it’s been clear for some time that I have always been doing much more than helping them merely write a book.

Along the creative path, if any barriers came up, I have always been well aware that they were life blocks that showed themselves up as writer’s blocks.

Examples might be not enough time in the day, fears of being ridiculed or even success and good old procrastination which shows its face with us becoming ‘busy fools’.

Since I first came up with name, I was always aware it was what’s called a phonological ambiguity – as it’s right to write a book, right?

The New Page

So the word “wright” means many things … all of which I do.

The word book also has many meanings – nowadays, it can be an ebook, an iPhone app, an Enhanced Edition book and many others.

The context though that I am using it in more and more is in it referring to the karmic book of a person’s life.

My new writings and services are increasingly geared to this …

… see my Awaken Your Inner Magician programme as an example

This all turns out to be very fortuitous as I am known as The Bookwright in many on line and off line social networks. A change of name would be a massive undertaking.

I will continue to write my own books and help others with their’s. In addition though, the main book I will be dealing with is the unfolding of the ‘book of karma’ – both my own and those of the people I work with.

So The Bookwright is here to stay and a new leaf turned …

… watch this space as the sequel is nearing first draft !!