Beams of Peace

Beams of Peace

Jane MurrayIn this delightful podcast, I am chatting to fellow Insight Timer meditation teacher and the progenitor of Peacebeams, Jane Murray.

Note that this podcast contains a meditation at the end, so pull over if you are driving.

Topics we chat about:
  • The notion of a Peacebeam
  • Combining kindfulness with mindfulness
The new currency of KinderPay
  • Putting planetary resources on the balance sheet

  • KinderPay working alongside traditional currencies

  • The importance of forgiveness

  • Leaving the legacy of a kinder world

  • The interaction between love and gravity

Links from the podcast:

Beams of Peace

by Töm Evans with Jane Murray

Change Your Mind Change Your Time

Normal human mind and thought processesThe normal human mind is only capable of experiencing one thought at a time.

If you think about the past or the future, your attention is diverted from what you are focussing on at any one time.

As our mind is prone to wander, this tends to make us naturally inefficient. With a constant barrage of both internal and external interruptions, it is not surprising that some people’s efficiency can be as low as 10%.

One of the benefits to recognising a problem is that we can begin to find a solution. When I first started meditating, I noticed very quickly that I was much more efficient on days when I treated myself to 10 minutes of Me Time. If I didn’t get around to meditating, some days I would be pushing water up a temporal hill.

  • What I learned was that the practice of mindfulness meditation didn’t so much make the inner chatter and distractions go away but it made it easier to deal with them. When we meditate daily, it becomes easier to remain in the meditative state through the day. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have no thoughts at all but we forge a new relationship with our thoughts.
  • – – – – –
  • I discovered that it was an urban myth that the left brain was logical and the right brain creative. A more accurate model was that the left brain sat inside space and time, focusing on detail, while the right brain dealt with the Big Picture and sat everywhere and ‘everywhen’ else.
  • – – – – –
  • I came across the art of Mind Mapping and learned how it induces the Whole Brain State, where left and right brains work in harmony. I learned this state can also be induced by some yogic breathing techniques. When we get in this state, time seems to stretch so tasks get done in the time we allocate to them. I called it EMT – or Extended Me Time.
  • – – – – –
  • What’s more, when in the EMT state, we emit less thought forms so people external to us don’t pick them up and think to bother us. We create an Interruption Barrier.
  • – – – – –
  • I learned that the source of procrastination were thought forms that mainly emanated in our lower mind centres. If I became a busy fool, creatively getting on with everything else other that the task in hand, it was because a fear was in operation. Occasionally, it was also because my gut mind ‘knew’ there was a better way, or more optimal time, to carry out the task. A quiet mind allowed me to tune in to this source of intuition – or inner-tuition – and to acknowledge the fear but to do it anyway!
  • – – – – –
  • I learned too that neuroscientists had discovered that the gut mind operates ahead of time and this is a possible source of precognition. This I called IMT – or Inner Mind Time.
  • – – – – –
  • I started to research the nature of light bulb and aha moments. These flashes of inspiration, that arrive in ‘no time at all’, are massive time savers and can be accessed on demand while in the meditative state. They come from inside space and outside time. When we experience one, we have entered OMT – or Outer Mind Time – and we awaken our prescient ability.
  • – – – – –
  • After a while, these practical benefits become second nature and another amazing benefit emerges. With a quieter mind, we become better able to spot serendipities, coincidences and opportunities. They were probably there all along but a busy mind meant we missed them. With reduced fear and more focus, external events soon arrive Just in Time and we begin to live a charmed and magical existence.

Before I found myself immersed into the world of mindfulness and meditation, I was always quite good making the complexities of high technology understandable by technophobes. I have applied the same mindset into what I call timefulness and have created an accessible 8 week self-study course, with 21 day meditation re-treat bonus, that will change your relationship with time. I am also teaching it live inside businesses and teaching teachers how to teach it.

If you want more time in your days and weeks, check out Mindfulness-based Time Management.

mindfulness-based time management

7 Practical Benefits of Meditation

Be Calm Omm ManMeditation isn’t about sitting cross legged in a darkened cave chanting “Ommm”.

It is estimated that every minute spent meditating comes back to you several times over … in a myriad of ways.

Here’s seven ways your investment comes back with the ‘investment’ of just 10 minutes of daily meditation.

#1 : Creating More Time

When we enter the meditative state, time takes on an ethereal quality and stretches. If you embark on a creative task right after meditating, each hour will feel like two or more.

#2 : Being Lucky

Regular meditation reduces our inner chatter, or monkey mind, and as a result we notice events around us that can help us on our path. Perfect serendipities turn up when you are least expecting them.

#3 : Ideas off the Top of Your Head

When we reduce that inner commentary it leaves space for light bulb moments to pop in. Your next idea that will make you millions is just one meditation away.

#4 : Improved Well-being

The health benefits of regular meditation are now well documented. It reduces blood pressure, stress and irritations of the lower bowel. The knock on effect is that along with improved well being comes less time off work, more creativity and increased productivity.

#5 : Finding Your Soul Mate

If you meditate every day for a week, your demeanour and complexion will change. People will ask you if you have had treatment. You become more attractive and the reduced mind chatter allows you to notice people around you who you might love to work with, or to be with.

#6 : Creating a Spiral of Abundance

Money, like thought, is an energy. If we are suffering from lack of money, the very fear that we don’t have enough counterintuitively stops the money energy from arriving. Remove the fear by calming the mind and all the money you need will turn up, just like magic.

#7 : Finding Your Calling

Our thoughts radiate from us and the world that we percieve is reflected back based upon them. When we take time out to meditate, our thoughts go quiet and we allow a more perfect world which is some times beyond our wildest dreams to show up.

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