The Door to Creativity

As I have said many times to numerous audiences, writing and publishing a book will open doors for you.

The ink is not even dry on my new book, the Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments, and a big one just opened for me.

I’ve just been honoured by becoming a series author on this marvelous site The Creativity Portal

I came across it a few months ago and added it to my wish list of places I’d like to be able to post. Imagine my surprise when Creative Director, Chris Dunmire, replied to my email saying she’d love to have me on board.

The site is full of the most amazing free advice on all aspects of creativity – from tips on relatively conventional themes of writing, music and art through to the more eclectic disciplines of origami, mandela making, macrame knotting and even exploring Bonsai & Suiseki trees.

I am doubly honoured to be writing on the same portal as luminaries I’ve admired from for many years like Eric Maisel, Tony Buzan, Edward Glassman and SARK – check out the list of all the authors here …

I’ll be writing a series of articles on what stops, encourages and generates light bulb moments on demand.

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And you can read the first one here …

Light Bulb Moments on Tap