Three Million Listens

Three Million Listens

April Moon PhaseA ‘moonth’ ago, I wrote a slightly morose blog, as if it might have been my last one.

In uncertain times, I took actions as if there might be no tomorrow. Another moonth on and we can now see some of the trajectory, a sneak peek at a way out and a glimpse at a new world that might appear on the other side. Perhaps we will travel less, fret less, pay NHS workers more, value family and friends even more.

What is somewhat heartwarming is that without me creating anymore content at all, I have already left a significant legacy behind. This moonth, my listens on Insight Timer passed 3 million.

It’s clear too that I have much still to deliver … below is a collation of my new output since the last blog and, if anyone is wondering, this level of output consistently over five years is how you get to 3 million listens.


Opening Up in a Lock Down

So in the last blog, I said I aimed create a new ambient track called Ocean’s Rise, a new guided meditation as well as at least two more podcasts. The so called ‘lock down’ meant that rather more than this popped out.

You can listen to Soul Entanglement here, as well as the follow on guided meditation called Soul Talk that wasn’t planned … and see what else came along below.

Soul Entanglement

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

Soul Talk

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

Three More Ambient Tracks

Siren’s Call features the voice of Norwegian artist, Siri Opli – along with some dolphins – calling our hero from the book, Shen, across the sea to her. The dolphins are calling from a planet 55 light years away.

Oceans Rise was an amazing co-creation where Piers Ward, my guitar teacher, asked some ‘questions’ to which Belén Prado, my native American flute teacher, provided some answers. I acted as producer to create an ambient background for their amazing music to sit in. Listen to the result here.

Lagrange uses a pseudo-surround sound effect to swirl from both left and right as well as to the front and back. A must listen with headphones on and a return to a solo performance.

The Art of Winefulness

I have had the notion of writing a book on winefulness for some time. It occurred to me that a guided meditation would provide a welcome bit off light relief during these times.
I have also collated and curated ten meditations to help people get through lock down whilst also opening up.

Check out Meditations for the Lock Down

Enlightened Conversations …

The Zone Show podcast is well and truly out mothballs. This moonth has seen two conversations with Insight Timer meditation guides, Keziah Gibbons and Pablo Arellano.

Keziah Gibbons gives us a Tarot reading for our time and Pablo Arellano explains how music opens the door to enlightenment.

A Message for Our Time

by Keziah Gibbons

The Note Whisperer

by Pablo Arellano

What’s Happening Next Moonth?

So next moonth, assuming we are all still here, I plan to create more ambient tracks, more meditations and to do more podcasts.

… but something else is stirring, I have oodles of esoteric information which has not really seen the light of day that initiate a new way of being.

My soul has told me that Now is the Time !

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Postscript : Soul Entanglement and Soul Talk Watercolours

Since drafting this blog, the artist Siri Opli has just created these two art works inspired by these two meditations – both watercolours available from