Deadlines Don’t Have to Be Taxing

Tax-Time-Fotolia_74492695_XSIn the UK at least, as the 31st of January looms quite a few hearts pounding as personal tax returns have to be submitted. It’s thought that nearly 10 million people in the UK must submit a self-assessment return each year. Filing a return late and you’ll get an immediate £100 fine.

Just imagine though if you could learn to get more done in less time and that you could generate enough hours in the day.

Well bizarre as it may seem, our left and right brains experience time in different ways. It’s an urban myth that the left brain is logical and the right is creative. The picture that is now emerging is that our left brains sit inside space and time and our right brains experience everywhere and ‘everywhen’ else.

If you have to make the numbers add up by the end of the week, take a few minutes out just now to take your left and right brains on a workout. Follow these simple numerical exercises and, at the end of this Timeful Task, you will have both sides of the brain working in harmony.

Your relationship with numbers will change slightly, especially with the number 9. You will also find your experience of the passage of time will subtly alter and remember of course that it’s the thought that ‘counts’.

This short video is a sample from over 6 hours of mind opening multimedia resources in the Living Timefully self study program.

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Living Timefully

p.s. the best time to start Living Timefully is yesterday, the second best time is today