Out of the Void

Out of the Void

In just one Moon orbit of the Earth, much has changed.

Like most of the planet, we are in self-isolation and in equal awe at how the virus is spreading but how such acts of compassion and humanity are also nicely ‘infecting’ the globe. This will be an amazing turning point for humanity, as foretold in Soulwaves – see below.

You can’t time these things (or can you?) but, after last moonth’s Super Moon when it was at perigee (closest distance), even the Moon is getting as far away from the Earth as possible. It’s a Micro Moon at apogee.


Changing Course

So just imagine if everything in Soulwaves is true. If so, we have less than 90 years to save humanity. Even if not true, if we imagine it is, then we could take different courses of action right now.

Out of the Void

So while all this madness is unfolding, something amazing has happened in my small world. From nowhere (or actually from the Void) five 12 minute ambient tracks have emerged and I edited them together into just over an hour’s worth of music. Listen to the podcast to the right and to the composition called Immersion below.

The Earth Mind

It is natural we are concerned at this time by our fellow humans but there is a bigger picture in play. The Earth herself is in the process of Ascension where she becomes self-aware – not just through us. We live in a biosphere where we are just one small component of it. We are just 1/10000th of the biomass.

What’s Next?

We have to be realistic about the threat humanity is under. I am 62 but relatively healthy and self-isolating in a rural setting. I don’t need to go out at all and can walk my dogs on 150 acres of golf course.

That said, like everyone, I could succumb and this could be my last blog …

If it isn’t, a new ambient track called Ocean’s Rise and a new guided meditation called Soul Entanglement will be produced this moonth – as well as at least two more podcasts.

Just in case I don’t make another orbit of the Moon, four meditations are in the Insight Timer content queue – stay safe and indoors everyone!