Comings and Goings

Comings and Goings

Time to Book Launch









In 2020, we saw the Barnards Castlestrange behaviour of Dominic Cummings ‘going’ to Barnard’s Castle – something we did slightly more legally and ethically in our new motorhome later in the year.

This last year also saw lots of things coming along for me. The long-awaited novel Soulwaves : A Future History that finally came along to the world in January.

Then a whole five hours of ambient soundscape inspired by the novel popped out of nowhere. I also had the notion that a few guided meditations might come my way. What I wasn’t expecting was a whole series called the Soul-full Path would turn up. It uses the ambient album as its background layer and rocks in at four hours long of guidance on how you can allow you path to be shown to you.

Somewhere along the way twelve podcast guests and ten other guided meditations came my way too!

The real unexpected arrival though was the prequel and sequel to the novel in the form of twelve short stories entitled Soulwaves : Insertions. Unlike the novel, which took 15 years and 15 other books before it came along, the stories were conceived and written in lockdown.

To cap everything off, when I was least expecting it, I was approached by the CEO of an app called Soundwise which allows me to collate all my audio outputs into one place. So that’s meditations, music, podcasts, courses and audiobooks all under one wrapper.

That’s what you call a real opening up during a so-called lockdown.


For the new to come along, some of the old often has to leave. 

Hopefully the arrival of this virus augurs the end of some of the Old Ways. Some tyrants have had their day, as has some abuse of planetary resources. For example, gone too is the idea of commuting as the norm.

So the desire to write much more non-fiction has gone. Writing fiction has replaced it – so in 2021, I aim to write the third book in the Soulwaves Anthology. The working title is The Duadex, picking up as it does from the last story in Insertions.

I do plan those to create an interactive and immersive guide on how to connect with your muse – and guides. It will include theory and practice on how to allow creativity to flow through you.

I’ve allowed The Zone Show podcast to go and be replaced by Soulwaves : The Podcast.

What is behind all of these goings is any fear associated with speaking my truth and sharing what I think. Fiction and metaphor is of course a useful tool here – hence the 11th story in Insertions which centres around COVID-38 in 2039.

Gone too is any notion of thinking small. It’s high time more peeps awakened to to their full potential. I have much to share in this regard.

A Cunning Plan?

So everything kicks off in 2021, on the 1st New Moon, when I am hosting a Virtual Book Launch at 7pm UK time on the 13th January. This is also when my new content on Soundwise starts to build, as the 1st track of the Insertions Album will go live to subscribers.

… sign up for the launch here, get a free sample chapter of the new book and I’ll notify you where you can watch and interact with the launch.

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Then on each Full Moon, starting on the 28th Jan, I will publish a guided meditation on each of the numbers 1 to 12. Each subsequent New Moon will see another track from the album PLUS a live lecture on each number.
Then, in Spring, the next installment of the Soulwaves Anthology will leak out – along with guidance on how you too can tap into the source of creativity.

Sounds like a plan?

Insertions Bundle

Soundwise Launch Offer