How to Spot a Humangel

How to Spot a Humangel

HumangelsFrom time to time an angel reincarnates on the Earth plane. They are normally from the lower ranks. Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart is good example of one. They are known as Humangels.

They come to re-learn or re-experience. They come to observe. They come to support at time of transition. Like all forms of life, they are sometimes Angels-in-waiting.

They are all around us and here’s how to spot one:

  • They are drawn to the caring, teaching, healing or creative professions.
  • They often don’t know what they are.
  • They are too humble, and can be quite scared, to acknowledge what they are.
  • They have a twinkle in their eye.
  • They can heal with a touch.
  • They can heal with a thought.
  • They see the world with different eyes.
  • They see the future and can change what’s past.
  • They are mavericks and abhor convention and dogma.
  • They bring messages and fresh wisdom.
  • They bring oodles of serendipity.
  • They are both claircogniscent and clairsentient.
  • They perform what looks like magic.
  • They turn up repeatedly in your life at your turning points and forks in your road.
  • Their messages arrive in unexpected ways and forms.
  • They are the harbingers of serendipity.

Pay attention the next time a bell rings … it might be for you.