Soul Separation : Soul Integration

Soul Separation : Soul Integration

Soul Separation

One way to understand the behaviour of some actors in recent geopolitical events is to see them in the context of the ego and the soul : so from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective.

Take Boris Johnson – some would say please – and what it appears is that we are seeing the behaviour of a narcissist, someone acting mainly for his own personal gain, to the detriment of others around him – even members of his own family, not just those he was employed to serve. He may well operate with an overarching goal for world peace, and status, but his ethics, lack of focus, loose grasp on the concept of leadership, his relationship with decency and the truth as well as his somewhat corrupt practices seem to let him down. Perhaps the job is too big for him and he’s been promoted above his level of competence (yet again).

We see another narcissist in the lost soul of Donald Trump, as an incarnated being who exhibits sociopathic behaviour. His last acts as president demonstrate this unsavoury character trait, what with the denial of the electoral process and the incitement of others to rise up to further his cause, to their detriment and his benefit.

This article about how to spot a sociopath makes good reading. Be careful not to let one into your world.

15 Signs of a Sociopath: Traits & Characteristics

Then we have who appears to be a completely disconnected soul in the form of Vladimir Putin who is surely a psychopath by acting out a personal agenda which is killing and injuring other human beings, including his own countrymen. No matter what his motivation is, there are other ways of annexing another territory these days. Cultural and ideological annexation is one example. Be the change, as Ghandi said.

For some insight into the similarities and difference between sociopaths and psychopaths, see this article:

Around the world, we have many other political leaders committing all sorts of atrocities. Then again we also have many who are competent, committed and empathetic. It’s just that they don’t make the headlines, getting on as they do quietly serving those who elected them.

No matter if the behaviour of an out-of-control so-called leader. is narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic, the root cause is when the ego separates from the soul and the spiritual connection is lost. It is worth noting that this is something that happens for most people as they leave the womb and gain self-awareness. Our life’s journey and our personal evolution then plays out and, if we are lucky, we are encouraged to find our soul again.

By the way, I only name names as it gives context. I don’t know these people/souls personally so I can only judge on what I see and hear in the media. I may be wrong. If I do them a disservice and especially if they or any of their entourage would like to explore the ego-soul connection, do get in touch as it is never too late to do so and reverse a lifetime of disconnection.

Soul Reconnection

The Soul-full PathThere are many ways to forge a soul reconnection. For many, and classically, this has been the role of religion. As the world becomes increasingly secular, possibly as religions have not evolved for hundreds of years, there are other paths people choose.

A safe and agnostic method of soul reconnection is to immerse yourself in art or find yourself in nature. Some also find their path, and soul, through adventure, travel and sports. For some, the adrenalin rush of a sky dive or bungee jump creates a deeper and instant connection between our mortal body and our free spirit. Some lucky astronauts forge a deep connection with the cosmos while orbiting the earth.

For those actively seeking a spiritual path, meditation and mindfulness are extremely useful tools to open up a direct comms channel with our soul. If you are that way inclined, this can be delivered by practicing a more structured approach with Buddhism. If you prefer a more maverick, and less formal approach, do have a listen to my free playlist of 16 meditations on Insight Timer called the Soul-full Path.

Soul Integration

The Path To OverstandingAfter some years following a soulful path, and being mindful, timeful and kindful, we find our it is our soul that leads the way for us. With the ego connected to and listening to the prompts of the soul, we take a step up our evolutionary ladder.

If adversity pops its head up, it is just a sign that there is an alternate and better way : or a better timing. Serendipity and opportunity rocks up each day. Sometimes we only appreciate it a while after. In general, life becomes a breeze when we are kind to ourselves, other and the planet as a whole.

Everything comes full circle and the world and the cosmos is kind back to us in return. The actors I mention by name above should pay heed to this maxim. It is a Way to Be.

Our soul is not done yet and our evolution can go around and spiral up once more. It is possible for the soul to descent into our incarnate body. When this occurs, at the same time we go through a personal ascension. This can happen spontaneously and indeed it happens to some that go through a near-death experience, or NDE. When we on the cusp of life and death, the veil is thin and the soul can step in.

There is a less traumatic way to achieve this in a process that has indeed been called “a death-less reincarnation”. I have known about this process for around a decade but now I am ready to share it far and wide, for those who are ready.

The Path to Overstanding has been open for six months now and the materials to date have been introductory in nature. Starting at the end of Summer, I am revealing the process of soul integration.

Why now you may be right to ask? Well the world events I mention at the start of this blog call for the unleashing of ‘weapons’ of mass ascension. Now more than ever, it is key for us to make love in the widest sense, not war.

Walk the path with me here …