Five Wise Women

So when we have Three Wise Men, why might there be Five Wise Women?

Well men aren’t all dumb. It’s mostly, but by no means all, men that have flown other men to the Moon and split the atom asunder … but I reckon it’s long overdue that we started listening to the wisdom of women so I felt it intuitively right to tip the balance a little.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to chat to so many wise people over the last few years. If I look back though, the number of wise women I have spoken too far outweigh the number of wise men. So I reckon it’s high time that we take notice and listen to what they have to say. Men have had a crack at running the planet and look what sort of mess it’s got us into after all.

Have a listen to the chats below and have a listen to the interviews with Three Wise Men and make your own judgement on the shape and colour of wisdom that currently abounds us. In my view, neither is wrong, right or better but in both we should celebrate such wonderful different-ness and insight-fullness …

Kuumba Nia on the Circle of One

Kuumba Nia : Circle of One (mp3)

June Maffin on the Art of Soulistry

The Art of the Soul with June Maffin (mp3)

Sharon Eden on why to take a whack around the head

Whack around the head with Sharon Eden (mp3)

and last and by no means least, Violeta and Jutka Zuggo with Entrancing Tales

Three Artists with Soul

August has been quite a month for the Moments of Light Radio show on The Barefoot Broadcast.

You can’t plan this sort of thing, it just happened but my three guests are all wonderful artists with three different takes on art and spirituality that touches the soul at a fundamental level.

In case you missed them, you can listen to the shows again here … your comments, thoughts and social media shares much appreciated.

Note that the show will be off air now until the end of September as I have a much needed break and it will be returning in a new guise when I’m back … more on that soon. In the meantime, enjoy.

They need no introduction as the recordings speak for themselves 😉

June-Elleni Laine –

iPad and iPhone users listen here

Whitney Ferré –

iPad and iPhone users listen here

June Maffin –

iPad and iPhone users listen here