7 Antidotes to Blue Monday

sunFormula333It’s theorised that the so-called “Blue Monday” is the most depressing day of the year. It was originally part of a marketing campaign by Sky Travel to get people to buy a holiday, so has to be taken with a pinch of salt. It even has a dubious formula that factors in the arrival of a credit card bill post the Christmas spend.

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Whether it’s science, pseudoscience or just a marketing gimmick, Mondays can tend to be a bit depressing as people slog back into work. So for Blue Monday, and any Monday, here’s seven antidotes to turn that ‘formula’ on it’s head.

Antidote 1: Cut yourself some slack

Put off something you think has to be done today until tomorrow, or next week. You might find a better way to do it or that it didn’t even need to be done at all.
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Antidote 2: Perform a random act of kindness

Do something random that takes you no more than a minute but that really makes someone’s day, or week. Watch how random acts of kindness come back doubled, and from another source, when you’re least expecting them.
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penguinAntidote 3: Make someone smile

Smile at a stranger or let someone out in traffic. Or send send someone something online to make them laugh.
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Antidote 4: Forgive someone

Let the anger go concerning someone who crossed you. The older the grudge, the better it is to let go of. You can even forgive yourself for something you regretted doing too.
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Antidote 5: Give yourself a treat

Spoil yourself and buy something to cheer yourself up. Or just get away from your desk and go for a walk at lunchtime
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Antidote 6: Get back in touch with an old friend

Re-make that connection with someone you’ve been meaning to call for ages. You might even inspire them to do the same to someone else. What goes around comes around.
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Antidote 7: Give yourself some of Me Time

Listen to my Be Calm meditation for just 10 minutes and let the blues fall away