Creating Meditales

Creating Meditales

dominoesThe Soulwaves Triptych

While it was well over 15 years, and 15 other books, before  Soulwaves : A Future History finally got published, the first of many dominoes seems to have toppled and started, well, somewhat of a ‘wave.

The second book in the series, Soulwaves : Insertions, duly emerged 13 moons after the publication of its prequel. The twelve short stories that it contained are now regularly inspiring the creation of ambient tracks, meditations and lectures all inspired in sequence by the numbers 1 to 12.

What is most significant though is the trigger provided by this author starting and leaving a huge open loop, first in Insertion i : The Scroll and then followed by Insertion xii : The Duadex.

What started as a novel and unexpectedly gave rise to a complete album of ambient music has now grown into a complete anthology.

Insertions BundleThe Year So Far

Just to give you an idea of what the publication of Insertions has triggered after four New Moons and three Full Moons:

  • Ambient Track #1 : Unification
  • Ambient Track #2 : Duality
  • Ambient Track #3 : Triality
  • Ambient Track #4 : Orrery
  • Meditation #1 : Finding Unity
  • Meditation #2 : Dabbling with Duality
  • Meditation #3 : Memes of Awakening
  • Lecture #1 : The Nature of Unity
  • Lecture #2 : Dabbling with Duality
  • Lecture #3 : Trusting Triality

Note that the Insertions Lectures are live inside the Soulwaves Facebook Group, on each New Moon, and then the recordings appear on the Soundwise app a few days later.

… in addition, each moonth we post a daily illustrated meme inside the Facebook Group from which I create brand new meditation which are released on Insight Timer – here’s an example from last moonth.

Soulwaves The DuadexSerialisation of The Duadex

The Soundwise app allows me to do something I have wanted to do for so long and that’s to serialise the delivery of a book. The ability of listeners to comment on a chapter-by-chapter basis also means that you can steer the direction of the book as I create it.

So the Duadex starts where the last book finishes, at the end of Epoch Six and the start of Epoch Seven. It explores what happens when Duadexes arrive on their target planets and sentient civilisations start to communicate with each other. Expect a few surprises though as all sentience is not necessarily how we currently see and perceive it.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised as each chapter is told in the style of a meditation, accompanied by ambient music from the Soulwaves Albums. I am calling them Meditales – have a listen to the preamble to get the idea.

Preamble to the Duadex

by Töm Evans

Tapping into the Magic of Creativity

This recent interview gives considerable perspective and insight into how I tap into this flow of creativity.

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