The Performance of Poetry

Steve TasaneAuthor and performance poet, Steve Tasane, share his wisdom on the power and potency of words. He treats us too to two performance poems, one on The Zone and one about Saving the Libraries.

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Topics we explore:

  • Transitioning from performance poet to author
  • ‚Ä®Making a living as a performance poet
  • How Charles Dickens was a performer
  • A live poem on The Zone
  • The mathematics of poetry
  • How words are loaded with meaning
  • Why read a book out loud so readers can read them ‘in loud’
  • Why all books should have a map
  • A live poem on Saving the Libraries

Useful Links

Find out more about Steve, his books, poems and performances at:

Steve Tasane’s Blog Site
Walker Books UK
Ink Slingers

Watch Steve’s performance and interpretation of The Old Curiosity Shop