Time Heals

Healing with TimeOne of the obvious outcomes from learning to ’bend time’ is being able to get more things done in less time.

Recently I’ve discovered that the principles behind time bending can be used in the healing process.

I studied timeline therapy some years ago which uses regression and progression in the healing process. It is a useful technique which largely relies on imagination to work.

By ’softening time’, however, I found the existing physical and mental trauma can actually be ’loosened’ and replaced by the pre-existing ’undamaged’ part of the body, or psyche.

Furthermore, the healing can be further enhanced by sprinkling in a bit of future entanglement. When healing an externally visible complaint, you can even see it blur and disappear in front of your eyes.

This technique uses ’morphic resonance’, as described and popularised by Rupert Sheldrake, so the symptom in the present is ’vapourised’ and replaced by healthy tissues or neurology. The process is especially powerful when combined with ‘Reiki-style’ energy healing and a sprinkling of Soul Part Integration.

Even I am surprised at how effective, quick and permanent the treatments are working. The types of things that can be instantly healed almost defy logic and current medical science.

So if you have a nagging physical or psychological complaint you’d like to get rid of, make this year your best yet and get in touch to book a session.

Sessions are best done face to face but can also be performed over Skype anywhere in the world.

If you are a coach, healer or therapist who would like to learn how to ’heal with time’, I will be demonstrating and teaching the techniques live at the next Bending Time Workshop.

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