Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

After a blip last moonth where my voice left me and I had five days not eating or drinking much, the last orbit of the Moon has seen a return to form.

So my voice popped back and the muse came back to my door. This all happened all around the time Insight Timer finally launched Premium tracks (well sort of). You have to dig deep to find them so I’ve created a page on this site to curate them and give you direct access. Note that they are only available to Insight Timer Premium subscribers. This will be the place where I share serialised audiobooks and series of meditations and albums of music from now on. I will of course keep posting free tracks monthly.

Check out my library of premium Insight Timer materials here …

This has a knock on effect. It means I don’t have to use Soundwise to host this material anymore but I will leave the content there for existing subscribers and purchasers.

What I will be doing is using Soundwise is to host, manage and support those walking along the Path to Overstanding with me. I am now just a moonth or two away from completing these materials. It has been a really engaging and rewarding project for me personally and I know many have already benefited from it.

Find out what the Path is all about here …

When it is completed there will be over 100 audio steps of guidance in the Path to Overstanding and Cube of Overstanding soundcasts. There will be 23 Meditations on the Keys as well as 23 ambient tracks in the Arcanum album. All complemented by around the same number of Uberstanding conversations – along with a few explainer videos.

Next year will see the publication of the Tarot Deck of Overstanding, for which we are testing out an amazing platform called Deckible, which seems to be the answer to our prayers. More on this over the coming moonths.

The Path To OverstandingWhat I am most excited about is what I have planned for 2024.

I will be writing to current subscribers shortly to tell them to cancel their subscriptions. They have helped me immensely by funding the platform and giving me feedback on the materials. They will continue to have access to the materials.

In addition, they will be invited to take part in a completely new and exciting initiative.

From today, the Path to Overstanding is available for self-study for a one-off investment of just $444.44. How do you set a price for something that is priceless and that works across multiple lifetimes?

Now that my house refurbishment is coming to an end, I will be taking on personal clients once again.

Firstly, I will create space to personally mentor around four clients a year, guiding them along the Path and supporting them in fulfilling their dreams.

Secondly, and most excitingly, those who have already walked the Path will be invited to train as ‘tour guides’ or ‘pathfinders’ to assist and mentor their clients along it too. There will be an investment of time and some money for this which I plan should come back many times over. So, as well as charging your own mentoring fees, we will share revenue from your clients who invest in the self-study pack.

If you are interested in personal mentoring or getting involved with this exciting initiative, get in touch here …

Recipes for your Thoughts

Jackie WalkerLast year I uncovered, or rediscovered, the amazing toolset which has manifested itself in the form of the book Flavours of Thought and a gastronomic recipe called the Cube of Karma.

I can think of no better way to summarise what it’s all about than this wonder-full testimonial from Master Chef, and soon to be Cube Tour Guide, Jackie Walker.

iPad, iPhone or no Flash? Listen here …
To buy the book, visit Flavours of Thought

Find out more about the Cube of Karma here

Bespoke Recipes

If you have an issue, an opportunity or something you need some enlightenment on, let me craft a bespoke recipe for your thoughts. I will craft a new concoction from the Flavours of Thought that will open new doors for you.

How does this work?

In just 45 minutes over the phone anywhere in the world, I can give you an insight and direction that will change your world forever. By tuning into your words and messages from your Higher Self at the same time, incredible insights come in. When we then tap into the raw intelligence of the Flavours of Thought, we get straight to the heart of the matter.

It is like accessing an Oracle.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Sessions are just £99 and you are guaranteed an insight you are happy with. To book a session, just pay a deposit of £33 with PayPal below and I will contact you to book a session and guide you through the process.

In the interest of karmic balance, you only have to pay the balance of £66 when you are happy with the recipe you receive.
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