A Cookbook for Your Mind?

Find out why words become thoughts and then why the thoughts generated change the world around you.

Listen to this short conversation with newly qualified Master Chef Jackie Walker and me, Tom Evans author of Flavours of Thought …

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The Cube of Karma

Time to wake up

In this enlightening interview, Liz Villani talks about how light bulb moments can be the seed of an awakening.

Liz sheds more light and considerable insight on the awakening process as to how to go about it.

This is a refreshing wake up call at a time of uncertainty and confusion.

How do you know you are asleep?

How do you know if you are awake?

Find out more by listening to this interview.

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Elizabeth Villani is an expert on positivity, she is a qualified coach and Reiki Master who runs her own successful development business Courageous Success.  She experienced her own awakening in 2003 when she woke up and jumped off the London treadmill. A startling mystical experience in late 2008 revealed to her the reality of humanity and now she writes to support our awakening.

Her book, Awakening, is a book of our time. We have spent the last decades collecting the cars, the house, the image, and now we are reaching for whats next. We numb our worlds with wall to wall TV and an endless busyness that exhausts and shadows who we really are. When we stop, we long to maintain the stillness and enjoyment that we find.

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Goal Setting that works

If you are like me, you will have tried a few goal setting techniques. Some of them are good, some not so good.

What many fail to mention though is that achievement of your goal has secondary importance to the learnings you get as a result of getting there. The journey is as important, if not more so, that the start and the end.

In my new book, Flavours of Thought, one of the recipes deals with this aspect of goal setting and you can have a sample tasting of that recipe and the flavours you use to concoct it here.

Click Full Screen to read it now and take the first step to making your goals actually happen …

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What are Floughts?

I coined the word flought as a contraction of Flavours of Thought.

Retrospectively, I’ve made it a new noun and given it some definitions …

Flought : noun

1. the flavour of a thought
2. the flow of a thought
3. a flood of thoughts
a flurry of thought
the fluency of our thoughts
the flourish of a thought
a fluorescence of thought – aka a light bulb moment

Hear about the background and philosophies in my new book with me in conversation with Christine Miller …

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How to drive a VAN

As soon as there was more than one computer, the need to join them together in a network so they could communicate became necessary. The LAN – or Local Area Network – came along. If you think about it though, Local Area Networks, have existed for millennia.

Around the campfire, our ancestors would swap tales of where the best hunting grounds had been or boasted about their brave kill. This of course still happens in pubs up and down the land.

Over the last few thousand years, international travel has grown exponentially. Our human LAN’s became bigger and the Wide Area Network came about fostering international trade and collaboration. It was only natural that computer systems would want to talk across continents too – and the WAN arrived in the 60’s in the form of Arpanet, the progenitor of the Internet. Now we have social networks like Facebook and Twitter, our ability to have “pub conversations” instantly and internationally has well and truly arrived.

In a previous life about 10 years ago, I was Head of eBusiness at a company called Vanco. Vanco was short for the Value Added Network company and it added value by looking after business critical WAN’s, Wide Area Networks, for multinationals.

Today, now our networks have gone social but, if you want drive your network so it delivers what you want from it, adding value is the key.

The Value Added Network has arrived … and to learn drive your VAN both well and efficiently, you only have to learn¬† just five C’s:

Generate value-added content. This means create new stuff or augment old stuff don’t just churn stuff out for SEO. Put retweets in context. Make sure you tweet less than 100 characters so others can do the same for you.

Make and forge new connections daily. It’s not about the number but the quality. Don’t be sucked in by ego-massaging scoring systems – they are mere baubles. The only measurement here is results.

Be creative in your content. When you connect people nodes on your network, make sure 1+1=3 or more and maintain Guanxi at all times.

Whatever you do, do it consistently. Be the authentic you not a copy or aspirant of someone else.

Push the boundaries. Do something different each day to add value to your connections. Learn a new fact or skill to extend your knowledge and capability.

Please add your thoughts and experiences here – if you can, make sure they start with C …