The ZoneWe know when we are in the zone and we know when we are out of the zone.

What we are not often sure of is where the zone actually is.

So I have set out on a bit of a mission this year and that’s to explore The Zone, to find out where it is and to draw up a map for others to follow and explore themselves.

So what you will see this year is:

  • At least three or more books on the subject
  • A new Udemy ecourse called Getting in the Zone
  • A series of interviews with people who spend time in and out of the zone

This is the first of many blogs on this subject and here’s an ‘amuse bouche’ to help you get in the zone each day …

The Zone Kindle TouchLatest Zone News

The first book in the series is now available for Amazon Kindle and free Kindle Readers

Take your first step into the Zone today …

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Note that this special first edition of the book contains a special redemption code to get access to the Getting in the Zone ecourse worth $99