RUNAThe hexagonal shape of zones in my new book, The Zone, allows for the synthesis of Super Zones. These Super Zones have powerful, transformative properties.

For many people these days, money is a bit tight so I’ve created a special Abundance Super Zone to help change fortunes around. It’s completely free and the instructions to use it are both simple and effective.

How to use this Superzone

Step 1 – Click the image below to get a high resolution version.
Step 2 – Either Print the larger image from your browser or Right Click and Save Link/Target as.. to download it and then print it from any graphics programme on your computer.
Step 3 – Put the image on a wall where you will see it each day.
Step 4 – For 30 seconds each day, stare at the centre of the Super Zone and defocus your eyes. You may find all or part of the image jumps out at you into 3D.
Step 5 – Watch and notice your fortunes change, just like magic. Let me know by way of Comments below what unfolds.
Step 6 – If you want the magic to work faster and want to understand how and why it works, get a copy of The Zone.
Step 7 – To make it work even faster still, share this blog with at least five other people you know who could do with some abundance in their lives.

The Abundance Super Zone

Zones of Abundance

Timing – being in the right place at just the right time is essential. Blink at the wrong time and you may miss the serendipity.
Kindness – when we perform random acts of kindness daily, they bounce back at us, sometimes in surprising ways.
Creativity – the abundance only arrives because we create it. To do this most effectively, we create ’some thing’ that then creates the abundance.
Healing – to get a win-win, at the same time we generate abundance, we can heal an old rift, a tired pattern of behaviour or an unwanted way of being.
Entrepreneurship – the etymology of the word ’entre-preneur’ means to ’under-take’. So we must undertake doing an action or deed which stretches us and that is somewhat different from the norm.
Learning – after the abundance arrives, we can create even more of it by learning what it is we are now doing right compared with what we previously were doing not-so-well. This allows us to create an Abundance Spiral.

P.S. one last thing : when abundance visits your door, remember to say “Thank You” – so thanks in advance for giving this a go and sharing it with your friends and family.

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The Zone 3D

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