The days of our week are pretty arbitrary. Only humans use them and they are based on the names of gods as explained in this short video.

As they are arbritary, as per the example in the video, we can hijack them for our own individual use. So, I’ve come up with a yet another way to run my week using a different tack and leaning that I will adopt each day.

Note that I won’t spend all the day on each tack, just the core. This is mainly because each morning I meditate and write. Late afternoon and early evening, I will network and schedule exploratory conversations and podcast interviews.

In addition, I modulate phases of my projects with the seasons and the Moon phases. So my daily theme might take on a different flavour at various times of the year and each ’moonth’.

For the coming months, here’s what my new weeks look like and I throw down the gauntlet for you to re-define yours 🙂

My Magical Week

Mends Day : each Monday I have reserved three healing slots for clients between 11am and 6pm. I will also be mindful to mend and repair things that need attention in my life and world.

Tools Day : Tuesday is the day I spend all day building new tools for personal transformation and spiritual development. The aim is to build my customer portal into a huge repository of wisdom – I call it The Adytum, it’s quite possibly the world’s first De-mystery School

Weeds Day : Wednesday is another client day. Between 11am and 3pm, I have scheduled 3 client unblocking sessions to weed out those internal gremlins that stop us being magnificent.

Surge Day : Thursday is my day to spend on marketing. I have two slots for podcast guests and love to learn how to get more and more out of my CRM and ecommerce system, InfusionSoft.

Free Day : Friday is my treat. It’s the day I spend writing my fiction. Note that I write and create most days but this is where my creative spirit is set free to explore, dream and expand.

Sitter Day : Saturday and Sunday are somewhat transposable but this is generally the time to sit around, relax and socialise.

Sunny Day : again this might happen on Sitter Day but being outside gardening or walking the dogs is a big component of the week. To dogs of course, every day is a sunny day, a sitter day and a free day. Perhaps they know something that we don’t.

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