Vision BoardYou may have come across the idea of creating a vision board which pictorially represents and encapsulates your dreams. They are reasonably effective tools for delivery of our goals.

When it comes to manifestation, if any of our mind centres is weakened or out of balance, our goals can forever seem tantilisingly out of reach. What’s even worse is that some mind centres can completely nullify the actions of others. So, if you really want to conjure up your heart’s desires, it pays to be mindful about how all our internal mind centres interact with the Physical Plane.

Root chakraRoot
Our base chakra is the energy centre we use to communicate with the Earth Plane. It is what generates what we perceive as serendipities through the Earth mind. It also acts as a check and balance to ensure our actions are safe for us and ecological for the planet. If you find that your manifestations appear and then unmanifest, it is a sign that the energy flow through your root mind could be improved.

Sacral chakraSacral
Our sacral chakra provides for our needs. In times gone by, it would send out a signal that we are hungry and sense where we might go to hunt. These days it can be used to generate money and clients. If you bank balance needs a boost, energise this centre, be still of mind and allow what you need to pop along. Be open to receive in the most bizarre way and when you least expect.

Solar Plexus chakraSolar plexus
This is the centre of our intuition which can be expressed better as our ‘inner-tuition’. Ignore the messages from this centre and you will end up pushing water uphill. Follow its guidance and you will go with the flow. From an energetic perspective, you can use it to attract those of a like-mind to you for co-creation opportunities. It works a treat over social media!

Heart chakraHeart
It will come as no surprise that it through our heart centre that we attract people and opportunities that we love towards us. If you suffer from lack of external love or self-love, this centre will be weakened. It is an energetic centre that we can now take under conscious control. Applications of the Heart Ray include healing, softening tense situations and finding your soul mate and your soul purpose. See the blog below for more …

Throat chakraThroat
What we manifest through our throat is what we hold true. If we utter words like, “Life is tough”, then it will be. When you awaken, try exclaiming, “What a beautiful day to be on Planet Earth”. During the day, be mindful that your words hold power and what we say invokes a spell into the air. We can use this knowledge to talk to the wind and allow it to carry our wishes far and wide.

Third Eye ChakraThird eye
When it comes to manifestation, our Third Eye plays two roles. It can be used to direct our wishes to the relevant mind centre so it becomes responsible for actual manifestation. Its second role is to notice when our dreams have arrived. Maintaining a quiet mind, with only essential internal dialogue running, pays great dividends here. This allows the Third Eye to receive notifications back from our other mind centres as to when they have done their job.

Crown ChakraCrown
The crown chakra plays the opposite role from our root. When our mind is open, we can receive guidance and wisdom from the collective mind. This blog is being a typical example. When our crown is open and our root connected, we can then move our consciousness to our heart centre and run operations from there. We then become a conduit from the Above to the Below.

Living HeartfullyHeart-full Living

If you are interested in manifesting with all your internal mind centres, take the Heart-full Living course. It’s available with 1-2-1 mentoring or as a self study course. Your investment will also help restore eyesight to people in the developing world. It comes with a bonus visualisation called the Two Mind Transmutation which delivers your heart’s desires every time.

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