In Autumn 2015, my meditations got discovered by the Insight Timer app, and its marvelous community of worldwide meditators. I discovered that people seemed to really like them.

Tom Evans International Meditations Imagine my absolute joy this morning, a year later, when I got an email from Maddy Gerrard, the Inflow Manager at Insight Timer, telling me that my most popular meditation, Just for Today, is now available in five other languages.

🇨🇳 Chinese : 仅仅为了今天

🇪🇸 Spanish : Solamente hoy

🇵🇹 Portugese : Apenas Por Hoje

🇫🇷 French : Juste aujourd’hui

🇮🇸 Norwegian : Bare for i dag

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Initiatives like this can only lead to a calmer, more gentle world. If you have any French, Spanish, Portugese (Brazilian), Norwegian or a Chinese friends, point them here.

Note that this meditation and the app will always be free.

With the Insight Timer 365 Day meditation challenge, 2017 was already lining up to be a great year. Find out more about this challenge and opportunity in this podcast with Christopher Plowman, the CEO of Insight Timer.

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