Taking Hands off the Wheel

Taking Hands off the Wheel

Artwork by Siri Stiklestad Opli

The month of August has become a big handle turning exercise. September augurs more of the same.

The reason being is that 35 of the 100 chapters of Soulwaves are now narrated. I make no bones about it, it is a huge task and big ask, with no shortcuts.

While it might sound like a lot of hard work, it does feel I am taking my hands off the wheel and coasting down hill to a glorious destination. Apart from anything, I am really enjoying reading my own book back and remembering things I’d forgotten I’d wrote.

Reading a book out loud is simply the best and most thorough way to proof read a book. Here’s why:

#1. If I can read it out loud, a reader can’t read it ‘in loud’. It won’t scan well.

#2. I am spotting forward references I set up in earlier chapters I wrote many months ago that I can pick up and develop subtly in later chapters.

#3. You spot errors even the best editor/proof reader may not have spotted. I’ve found loads and suspect there are more.

August also saw two weeks off with some family support commitments. Due to ongoing support commitments, I plan to have the next third of the book narrated by the time I blog next and the final third completed by the end of October.

This will lead to print and ebook production in November which in turn means publication should be early December.

One of the tricks I use, which is also one I use in writing, is to record the very ending words first. This is the poem I wrote many years ago to describe the essence of what a Soulwave is. It wraps up the book but there’s no spoiler alert as it gives nothing away about the actual ending. Merely it describes how Soulwaves are the fabric of the Universe.

You can listen to it free on Insight Timer …

Soulwaves : A Poem on Entanglement

… also, you can listen to two new meditations on the app this month and a new short story from The Germinatrix and a musical mindful podcast.

Take Your Hands Off the Wheel

Count Your Riches

Moderating Your Mindberg

Mindful Beats With Tyson Baird

p.s. if all of this output seems quite a lot in just one month, it’s just an example of what happens when you take your hands off the wheel


Two Million Listens

Two Million Listens

Several blogs ago I set my stall our to post once a month as a bread crumb trail of what was going on in my life – the original purpose and format for a blog perhaps.

Something happened at the start of this month which means I should break with this tradition and sneak an extra blog in – my meditations on Insight Timer hit the 2 million listens mark, after three years.

What does this mean?

Firstly, what was something I played and experimented with has gone mainstream. People seem to enjoy each new meditation I post.

Secondly, I have hit a groove where there is no limit. I post two to three free pieces of audio a month – a meditation, a podcast and a short story. The sales revenue from Insight Timer courses mean I can relax and release more and more free stuff, which in turn helps with sales. After 15 years of pretty continual content creation, I have found my metier.

Thirdly, it means I can really devote the time my forthcoming novel Soulwaves requires to create a Big Splash.

Eternal thanks to the team at Insight Timer and all those souls who helped me get to this milestone.

See 1 Million Listens for some more background on the journey …