Several blogs ago I set my stall our to post once a month as a bread crumb trail of what was going on in my life – the original purpose and format for a blog perhaps.

Something happened at the start of this month which means I should break with this tradition and sneak an extra blog in – my meditations on Insight Timer hit the 2 million listens mark, after three years.

What does this mean?

Firstly, what was something I played and experimented with has gone mainstream. People seem to enjoy each new meditation I post.

Secondly, I have hit a groove where there is no limit. I post two to three free pieces of audio a month – a meditation, a podcast and a short story. The sales revenue from Insight Timer courses mean I can relax and release more and more free stuff, which in turn helps with sales. After 15 years of pretty continual content creation, I have found my metier.

Thirdly, it means I can really devote the time my forthcoming novel Soulwaves requires to create a Big Splash.

Eternal thanks to the team at Insight Timer and all those souls who helped me get to this milestone.

See 1 Million Listens for some more background on the journey …