Soulwaves : The Audiobook

This month has been consumed by audiobook production – slotted in around loads of family support.

At 100 chapters and just shy of 100k words, there is no short cut. I am managing 10 chapters a week and am 70 chapters in at the time of this blog.

So it will be finished by mid to late October and the book will be out, at last, well before the end of the year. I can recommend the process to all authors. Not only do you get the audiobook from it but also you find errors not found by any proof reading process and, for a complex plot like this one, inconsistencies that need ironing out.

Enlightened Conversations

In the run up to publication, I’m slowly restarting the Zone Show podcast and also being interviewed myself.

Here’s a couple of conversations from this month.

… more coming soon.

Timeful Reflections

Writing this blog and this whole production process around this novel has caused me to reflect.

Why has this project taken so long when other books have just popped out in weeks or months? This one has taken years.

Is it just because it’s my first novel and I am learning my craft?

Am I still harbouring a fear or imposter syndrome?

Is all driven by some kind of divine timing?

… if you are an intuitive or a channel, please leave any insights below by way of comment.