Back in the Groove

In retrospect, taking two ‘moonths’ to relocate and get back into the writing groove is quite short. So now I am installed in my new writing room/music production space – just a little tidying up to do as you can see from the piccy above.

In the meantime, I managed to keep up with the production of the moonthly ambient tracks, meditations and lectures all inspired by Soulwaves : Insertions. The daily Just for Today’s also spawn two new meditations for Insight Timer a moonth.

As it happens, and this is no surprise, a break from writing has lead to a new perspective. I had already planned that the Duadex would go to some places I had never been before. The chapters are being serialised again via the Soundwise app … along with my usual moonthly outpourings.

What would happen though it I went to places wilder than my wildest dreams?

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New Content

I have now got a 350Mb direct fibre connection to the Interweb – uploads and downloads are so fast !

and here’s a few things that floated up from my iMac into the cloud this moonth, from the Below to the Above you might say …

… onwards and upwards.