Tom Evans on Insight TimerJust less that six years ago, I was approached by Maddy Gerrard of Insight Timer and asked if I wanted to upload some free meditations.

I didn’t think that much of it as I’d never heard of them but I did. I uploaded a meditation called Be Calm. A month later, Maddy emailed me and asked had I seen the feedback. I hadn’t as I didn’t know the app had that feature. Over 6000 people had listened and they loved the British accent and my left field approach.

Six years later, the app has gone from strength to strength and my career has taken a new direction too. Thanks to the experience and credibility given to me by Insight Timer, before lockdowns, I was regularly hosting live meditation sessions inside businesses. Now it’s still happening but over Zoom and the like.

Amazingly through, the app now provides a regular income which means I don’t have to trade time for money quite as much as I used to. This in turn means I have more time to produce content to upload to the app. This now includes ambient music, audiobooks and podcasts as well as meditations.
This all of course boosts listens and listeners – what goes around, comes around – listen to my portfolio here


Are You Ready to Be the Change?

So each and every day between 1000 and 2000 people listen to a meditation of mine. Each month I host an Insight Timer Live where around 500 people show up. All of this is done without me leaving my home.

On the 23rd July at 2pm UK time, I will be sharing the keys on how to open up this kind of possibility for you too.

What I’ll be covering :

  • Finding your niche (mine is awakening)
  • Developing and honing your craft
  • How to write trance-inducing scripts
  • The techie stuff
  • Finding your audience
  • Sticking at it
  • Getting to revenue
  • I’ll also be making a very special free offer to all attendees to help get you started …

… join me here at 2pm UK time on the 23rd July

What’s Happening Next Moonth?

Next moonth will see the usual exclusive output being published for my Soundwise subscribers – another Insertions Ambient track, meditation and lecture PLUS two new Just for Today meditations PLUS the serialisation of my latest book, The Duadex.

Insight Timer have asked me if I could provide some meditations to help in the workplace, so they will be in production and going live in August. In the meantime, I’ve got some other surprises lined up for publication on Insight Timer in July.

Watch and listen to this space!

Becoming Fear-less

by Töm Evans | one of the new tracks uploaded to Insight Timer this month