A Blog Going Back to Basics

A Blog Going Back to Basics

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When blogs first came about, they were mainly designed to act as a chronological journal. Some still are but many, including this one, are repositories of articles, often categorised to make blogs easier to find.

Latterly whole web sites, again, including this one and all my other sites, are built on blog technology.

Right now, I am in transition, a kind of retirement but only insofar as I am ‘retiring’ from the old way I used to operate and transitioning into a new modus operandi. You could see this also as a transformation from chrysalis to butterfly.

The overarching philosophy I am adopting going forward is ‘an attitude of gratitude’. I am so grateful for all the blessings bestowed on me in life – amazing life partner, not one but two beautiful homes (one going or transitioning), an unexpected career trajectory from BBC TV engineer to author and meditation guide and also gratitude for good health, a sprinkling of wisdom and the ability to explain and share the unexplainable and what is then mostly unshared.

These are the new seeds. This blog will now become a monthly journal of what happens next.

The Trigger

In August, Louise had a new hip and two days before her op, her father had a major stroke. Looking after both, and caring for mum-in-law and Lou’s sister with learning difficulties has consumed the last few months and will occupy the foreseeable future.

So Lou’s decided it’s time to scale down her business and I’ve decided to alter the course of mine. The latter has been helped by three events this year:

1. Insight Timer creating a revenue source for teachers and guides whilst still being mostly free
2. A new found speaking career
3. A collaboration with Laurence Udell and the co-creation of the Big Ü

So as a result of all this, we are selling (or renting out) our Surrey house, moving into our new eco-lodge in Wiltshire and the in laws have already moved from the most ludicrously expensive care home in West London to one 5 minutes away from our Wiltshire pad.

The Cunning Plan

So this is what the trigger has triggered …

  • The workflow for Just for Today’s on Patreon will simplify so it takes 25% of the time currently
  • In Q1 2019, a new 30 day Insight Timer course will replace many of the standalone sets of meditations on my site
  • Also, during the 1st half of 2019, all my current online courses will migrate to a new programme on the Big Ü portal
  • In time, this will all form the building blocks to a philanthropic foundation
  • And most importantly, I will start writing and creating a new opus.
  • That is after my 17th book, Soulwave, the one that has taken the longest to write, is published in 2019

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A month of blogging

So just 30 days ago, I elected to start the Ultimate Blog Challenge and do a blog a day for 30 days.

Would I do it again? – yes, but only if I have a game plan as I did for this month

Was it worth it? – a definite yes !!

Am I doing it again next month? – a definite no !!!

A Big Thanks to Michele Scism and Michelle Scaffer for coming up with the concept.

In summary, here’s an index of what I’ve posted.

Day 1 : How to experience Moments of Light

Day 2 : Inspiration in Business

Day 3 : The anatomy of a click through

Day 4 : Whole Mind Not-Thinking

Day 5 : What is Love?

Day 6 : Be an Agent of the Infinite

Day 7 : What do you know?

Day 8 : iPadivity

Day 9 : Making Time

Day 10 : eReading

Day 11 : eWriting

Day 12 : ePublishing

Day 13 : Getting in the Zone

Day 14 : The Golden Age of Self-publishing

Day 15 : Whole Brain Thinking

Day 16 : How to Have A Great Week : part #001

Day 17 : How to Have A Great Week : part #002

Day 18 : The Inspirational Breath

Day 19 : Cross Crawling

Day 20 : Mapping your Mind

Day 21 : Food for Thought

Day 22 :  Which side are you on?

Day 23 : Something for the Weekend #001

Day 24 : Something for the Weekend #002

Day 25 : Something for the Weekend #003

Day 26 : Fear of Ridicule

Day 27 : Fear of Failure

Day 28 : Fear of the Unknown

Day 29 : Fear of Success

Today – this index … Phew !!!


7 Top Tips for Blogging Lists

Blogs that list “things” are some of the most popular and retweeted blogs on the Interweb. Like all these things, there are some do’s and some don’t.

Here’s my top seven tips:

1. Make sure the title is snappy, contains a pun or humour and even try and make it rhyme – kind of like this one

2. Go for something that’s topical – e.g. iPad, Ryder Cup

3. Seven is the optimum number as most people can (just about) hold seven things in their short term memory

4. If you have to list more than seven either rank them – e.g. Top Ten in order of popularity – or group them

5. For grouped lists, three is a brilliant number – e.g. Good, Bad and Ugly or Top, Middle or Bottom

6. Three and five are also good numbers, especially when the list have equal weighting like an equilateral triangle or five pointed star – your 3, 5 or 7 points can also form an ACRONYM or MNEMONIC so the list can be remembered more easily

7. Make sure you end with an invite for others to add their thoughts to the list as I am doing now  … please add your tips below

If you want to know more about the psychology of writing brilliant blogs with eye catching and brain-catching headlines, come along to the You Only Have 1 Second series of workshops – details here