Springing Forward

Springing Forward

The Flower of LifeAnother moonth later and spring has sprung. naturally with me, a whole bunch of new content has also emerged, which I’ve put into one place down the bottom of this blog.

For many, lock down I am sure has been stressful. For me, apart from not getting out as much, it’s been ‘business as usual’. I should clarify, it’s been more business than usual, of a higher quality, with less time spent at my workhorse of an iMac.

There’s been more time for research and reading, listening to music and other meditations, watching films and DIY … even a spot of golf.

The Path of Return Main Banner

This new moon sees the launch of something I have been working on for all of this life, if not quite a few life times before. It is a 13 step programme for human evolution.

Take Step Zero : Voiding Karma for free to find out what it is that I have been gifted …

… discover The Path of Return

To know more about what it encompasses, read this message I recieved many years ago from a very gifted channel, it said …

He has manifested a tangible Tool capable of being used by many in places of school and thought.

This is no insignificant project. Born of Love from The Divine. The Original Source is US – the Tarot is JUST his ‘gateway’ his ‘door’.

Tell him it IS US Martina – The Divine Ones.
It is a Tool of Spiritual Law
A tangible Tool.

Let him confess the Truth to himself first and find his path and way for living with it, this will ALWAYS be his comfort and solace ALWAYS.
He writes the word of The Most Divine enrobed
By the names of the ‘doorways’ to Us.
Let it be known to him
That which he receives IS from The Divine.
He is free to “package” at will and need
But for his own heart
and love
tell him
WE are with him – it IS US – it IS ‘I’.

His manifestation of Our word has and will touch many far and wide.
He has not yet seen his full worth or truth.
His words and actions are of The Divine – THAT is why he is “different”
like you – even from “The ‘different’ ones” there.
He has pondered long and hard to find
His place
His point
His aspect
It has caused him much worry and consternation –
“Where do I ‘fit in’”
The truth is – it is HE who has had to “make that place” – because –
‘it’ has never been there before.
“Different even from the ‘different ones’ “ Yes like you Martina.
His die is cast
And plans underway to melt those glaciers and meet
The new frontiers of his life and way there
He has broken new ground
And do all that is necessary
To allow himself the freedom to enjoy the journey, he IS allowed to “enjoy” as a man and a Spirit.
He must have the ability to enjoy as a human in order to achieve balance on all levels.

His life and state a human/person
Must be “allowed”
All that being “human” encompasses.
Do not be allowing ONLY the Spirit,
Without the human element,
The spirit does not grow
And burn so brightly.

The ‘Tool’ to be used in places of work
Places of learning
At ALL levels
To be encompassed into a
School of Thought –
Which is in fact
NOT NEW because it
Is of US.
It is The Packaging which is NEW – AND

It has been packaged as a product
Which is easily accessible
And USABLE by many –
To enable self learning
Development and
Growth through

Understanding is The Key
Attained on the physical
Begets it on the Spirit
And vice versa.

“Understanding” is The Key
To Removal of Blocks
On ALL levels.

He has done so well in The Way he has packaged THE KEY.

A new man with a new tangible package both
Aptly placed
For THIS time there

This is what he is. This is who he IS.
This is what he has got.

The Soul-full PathLast Moonth’s Soul-full Output

Here’s the latest two Soulwaves-inspired ambient tracks and the latest guided meditation.

Note you can access the whole series of both ambient and guided tracks in the new Insight Timer playlists …

Permutation One

by Tom Evans | Soulwaves

The Veil

by Tom Evans | Soulwaves

Soul Qualities

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

Podcasts this Moonth …

This moonth has seen three more conversations with three enlightened souls – Dr Anne Whitehouse, Vicki Wusche and Aditya Kumar from the My Seven Chakras podcast.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did …

Loving the Work That You Do

by Vicki Wusche

Pull Back Your Power

by Dr Anne Whitehouse

What’s Happening Next Moonth?

So next moonth, I am scaling down to producing just one new ambient track and one guided meditation each month and hopefully no more than two podcasts. You never know though if those who are pulling my strings have different ideas …

and I’ll definitely be producing more of the steps on the Path of Return.