Twelve Ways to Generate Spin Offs

You will have no end of ideas coming your way when you follow the guidelines in two blogs …

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Sometimes you can have a great idea and do nothing with it – only to see it successfully copied by someone else who you unwittingly inspired.

Sometimes your initial idea doesn’t quite live up to your hopes for it.

The solution to both these woes, lies in the Spin Off and here’s 12 ways to generate them!!

Think about your idea in these context …

1. Industry – could it be applied in new sectors?
2. International – could you change it so it works in new markets?
3. Inter-operable – could it be made to work with more ‘things’?
4. Demographic – can it be sold to a new target market?
5. Duplicity – can you replicate its essence, say with a minor change, but in such a way that it becomes something entirely new?
6. Down-size – can it be made smaller, cheaper or with a sub-set of features?
7. Education – how can it be made so that it can used to teach or be taught?
8. Entertainment – how can you make it more fun?
9. Extension – how can you add more features so it does something entirely new?
10. Augment – how can you add more features so it’s better value for money?
11. Amortise – how can you spread the cost of production to improve cash flow or spread the cost for the client
12. Agreements – who could you partner with to get to new markets or so that 1+1 > 2

Now if all this sounds wonderful but you have no idea how to introduce these practices into your business, get in touch. I am passionate about bringing these simple and freely available techniques into business – see Light Bulb Moments on Demand for more info