It Takes 9 Months

It Takes 9 Months

The refurbishment and extension of our home has taken nine months – this seems appropriate for a rebirth I suppose.

In this time, we have relocated over 35 times, squeezed in a couple of mini-holidays, met and caught up with old friends and spent a humungous amount on the refurb. You can’t take it with you, they say.

Has it been worth it? 

Well the old house was exactly that : old and tired, damp, draughty and mouldy. The new house is fully insulated, fully electric with temperature and humidity controlled by our new MVHR. With the solar panels going back on in the New Year, as sun behind the hill at the mo, we are aiming to be close to net zero. So yes, definitely it will be worth it.

In addition, we have 50% more space. We didn’t need the space per se but all the old rooms were a less than ideal shape. Now the house and garden are married together with a living room/diner in the new upstairs extension, opening up into the gardens. The bedrooms and wet rooms are now mostly downstairs in the ‘European-style’ we understand. All rooms have had new floors, walls and ceilings and triple glazing fitted. 

The journey had ups and downs of course. We had a really fast demolition and rapid construction of the new extension, with piles driven six metres into the ground and three one ton steels man-handled in : due to cranes not being able to operate with overhead electricity cables.

Discovery of asbestos set us back a month and the best part of £20k. We probably lost another month as our main contractor had taken on too many projects and there’s at least another month of exterior insulation, rendering and cladding works to be completed early in 2024.

Now though, the scaffolding is down and the skip has left the property. We have now moved back in before Christmas.

If you have been following my blog, you will have noted that, in parallel, the materials for the Path to Overstanding have been flowing out regularly and I only have a moonth’s worth of content to create in the New Year. There’s been much new freemium and premium content added to Insight Timer and some ‘waves have rippled around the planet as a result. 

I need a break, as perhaps do those walking the path with me.

So 2024 will augur in a new way of being from a personal level. As my creative output is personal in its very nature, it too will inevitably change. For the first time in over 20 years though, I have no plans for any project. I have some ideas milling around but next year, I will go with the flow and really allow my soul to guide me.

p.s. All suggestions and nudges for what you’d like to see more, or less, of much appreciated.

What’s your meta-strategy?

The latest interview in the Moments of Lights series of podcasts is with Eddie Yu, author of a new book called Speedlights and Elephants.

At a surface level you might take it as yet another book on how to make a million online perhaps making claims that worked for the author but are out of reach for normal mortals. You might cynically think it’s said author’s attempt to make that million for themselves.

Well you’d be wrong on both counts – Eddie’s approach is a breath of fresh air. He is wise well beyond his years and has tuned into two factors that make the difference between failure and success for any business or initiative.

They are our mindset and having a meta-strategy

Listen to interview to find out more and get a copy of the book today if you want to reap the success for your business you so richly deserve …

iPhone or iPad ?  listen here

After speaking to Eddie, it made me think about my own meta-strategies and that, although I have them, I haven’t communicated or shared them with anyone but close friends.

So I’d like to try an experiment and publically state them here and also send out a call for action which is threefold:

1. Declare your meta-strategy – either in a comment in this blog or elsewhere

2. If you think I can help you with yours, let me know

3. If you think you can help me with mine, let me know

My meta-strategies

To show the world how to tap into unlimited inspiration

To help people how to embrace fears and fulfill their magnificence

To be an instrumental part of the transition from Humanity v2.0 to Humanity v3.0