Another Thirteen Moons

Another Thirteen Moons

Happy New Year to One and All – and so good to kick it off on a New Moon (well nearly).

These blogs are normally a reflection on the moonth just gone. This one is a little different as it’s a look back at the year just gone and a sneak preview of the year ahead – or more specifically, at the 13 moonths just gone and the 13 Moon orbits ahead.

So the Soulwaves Insertions project was a complete success from a timing perspective, at the very least, more listeners would have been nice mind you!

The book was published on the 1st New Moon and then followed by the creation and publication of twelve ambient tracks, meditations and lectures … and a little more. I am really proud of it as a complete art work spanning book, music and meditation.

Big thanks to Sister Moon for keeping me on time and in focus.

The Path to OverstandingSo I now draw a line under that project as a new one opens up this moonth. As mentioned in previous blogs, it’s all about the Tarot of Overstanding. It’s an evolution and expansion of the Tarot as it’s currently known and understood.

The initial project I started co-creating with the very talented artist Siri Opli in Summer 2021 was a deck of cards, with some big differences. When one project completes, it gives space and time to really reflect on what is coming up next.

The deck of cards will hopefully get delivered sometime over the coming year. Over the holidays, however, I realised that what the project is really about is to deliver a set of tools for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

So I will be making many years of esoteric study in to an exoteric ‘box of delights’. I will be including materials that I have been sitting on for many years and not written about in any of my other 18 books.

You can think of it either as a ‘software upgrade for the soul’ or even as a ‘death-less reincarnation’. Just as for other books, there will be awakening meditations and ambient music so you can experience, not just read about, higher states of consciousness. More than this, towards the end of this year, I will be introducing a newly updated tool for advancement called The Cube of Overstanding.

This Cube is the Master Recipe of the Flavour of Thoughts – a Master Spell, if you like, from which you will be able to have permanent access to the higher dimensions. In fact, what happens is that you bring the higher dimensions down to the Earth Plane. Your soul truly incarnates in your physical body.

So rather than just delivering a book and set of cards as a fait accompli sometime in 2022, the programme will be streamed over a number of months to give you time to integrate the learnings. The exact timings will depend on those taking the journey.

How to Get Some Overstanding

I’ll be using Soundwise as the platform to launch it exclusive to subscribers. This means you can ask questions and share enlightenments as you go along, with both me and fellow travellers.

There will be five new Soundcasts which can be accessed by annual or monthly subscription:

  • The Flavours of Thought (streaming during Jan ‘22)
  • The Path to Overstanding Course (each New Moon, starting 1st Feb ‘22)
  • The Meditations on the Keys (each 1st Quarter, starting 8th Feb ‘22)
  • The Arcanum Ambient Album (each Full Moon, starting 16th Feb ‘22)
  • The Overstanding Lectures (each 3rd Quarter, starting 23rd Feb ‘22)

The first Soundcast, Flavours of Thought, is like a starter, or preprandial, before a sumptuous main course, which you can savour over the whole of this year and beyond. For the Flavours, I will be streaming it in four modules, timed to the moon of course, starting on the 1st quarter on the 9th January. From February onwards, I will begin streaming the rest of the materials …

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The Seeds of Alchemy

The Seeds of Alchemy

HaltHiatus Time

The good news is that the knee operation went well and I am making a good recovery. The prognosis is good. The healing though is slow and steady : a nudge from the Universe to slow down and take stock perhaps

Being grounded for a while makes you think, especially when I can’t sit at a desktop computer and consume myself in the usual busy-ness. 

But this enforced hiatus gives one time to think and re-evaluate. My first ‘activity’ post-op was hosting of the next Insertions Lecture in the series. This one explored the number 10 and the concept of there being more levels of awareness open to us than we take for granted. One of the topics we discussed was the Scientific Method which roughly flows like this :

  • Step 1 : Observe
  • Step 2 : Hypothesis
  • Step 3 : Model
  • Step 4 : Test

We mused on where intuition sat in the scheme of things and only afterwards did it occur to me there is space in our world for the Intuitive Method which flows like this :

  • Step 1 : Receive an intuition
  • Step 2 : Do nothing, just observe
  • Step 3 : Spot coincidence/sign to back up/confirm intuition
  • Step 4 : Thank those who are looking over and after you 
  • Step 5 : Repeat

The lecture is available via Soundwise … subscribe to the lectures here

So, bearing these steps in mind, this month I am launching a new initiative which came in as an intuition.

Siri Tarot The Seeds of Alchemy

I still have much more esoteric knowledge to share than I have done so already. So next year, 2022 will see be revisiting the Tarot again and currently I am working with the artist, Siri Opli, on a new deck. I’ve written seed words to which she is illustrating. Next year, you will be able to purchase the deck from Siri and I plan to write a text book which expands upon the Tarot as it is currently known. 

Accordingly, the deck will have some ‘new’ features. The first is 23 Major Arcana keys, rather like the Osho Zen deck. The second is that each Minor Arcana has 15, not 14, cards. This puts the 8 or infinity card at the centre numerologically. The third new feature is the most significant. The Minor Arcana will have five, not 4, suits. 

The fifth suit is that of Overstanding. The four standard suits are a reminder that we are 9 dimensional beings having an experience in the physical plane. This new suit allows us to access the 11th dimension and sit above the four Planes of Being (as explored in my book of the same name).

Does this all sound like the anaesthetic went to my head? Well not really as it was all in place pre-op. I’ve just now formulated a plan. By the end of 2021, I will have recorded five new meditations, each based on the five suits of the new deck. You can get access to them via my Soundwise app – they will appear in the Just for Each Day Soundcast. Then, in the New Year, I will create a series of 23 meditations each inspired by a Major Arcana key. These will switch on your magical powers.

Access the Just for Each Day Soundcast here

Or, for better value, subscribe to my Tom’s Tomes bundle

You will also find the recent IT Live on the Seeds of Alchemy on the free Soulwaves podcast …

p.s. I mentioned an Insight Timer playlist in the podcast, these have stopped working so the ‘seeds’ meditations will come out as a course and Soundcast in the new year.

Where do ideas come from?

Have you ever wondered where ideas come from and what might stop them coming in?

Take 10 minutes of your day to listen to me in conversation with Susie Pearl, you might just have an idea as a result that could change your world …


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The Quantum Collapse of Thought

Many people say they have trouble making their mind go quiet in meditation – well if you’ve ever driven anywhere and not known how you got to the other end, you have unwittingly entered a meditative state. This visualisation, which is not to be listened to while driving, will teach you a foolproof technique – enjoy.

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