Light Bulb Moments for Authors

A wonderful and eclectic chat with Joel Friedlander on how authors can use light bulb moments in their work …

Topics covered :

Where do light bulb moments come from?

What blocks light bulb moments?

How to use your whole brain and whole mind

The beauty and power of Mapping Your Mind

The importance of meditation and the breath in ideas generation

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The Golden Age of Self-publishing

It’s simply never a better time to be an author. You can go from edited manuscript to publishing it globally as an ebook within a couple of days and in print within just a few days.

My guest this week on the Barefoot Book show was Joel Friedlander who has written an amazing book called A Self Publisher’s Companion which, in my opinion, is the new bible for both authors and publishers who want to get in print and share their message with the world.

Have a listen to this week’s broadcast to find out more …

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A Self Publisher’s Companion

No matter what kind of book you want to publish, you’ll find advice, inspiration and down-to-earth tips from an expert designer who has spent years helping self-publishers launch their own life changing books.

Today’s author needs to get up to speed with so many things that are very new. Do you know your way around:

  • Print on demand and digital book production?
  • Typeface selection and how it impacts the readability of your book?
  • Ways to monetize your content, spread your word and gather your tribe?

Get this fabulous book in print or for your Kindle, iPhone or iPad … more details here


Jackie WalkerCalling all Authors

If you have a book you want to promote, by far the best way to do it is to have someone interview you about it.

I can highly recommend a great way to do this and that’s to use Jackie Walker’s Soundwave Interview service.

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