Being Seen and Heard

Being Seen and Heard

Being Seen

This month I did something I have been meaning to do for ages, I had some new photography done for my site.

The wonderful Maria O’Brien of Haiga Photography popped over to my house on a glorious pre-spring day. You’ll find my mugshot on all main pages of the site now, as opposed to me hiding away down somewhere deep.

I am so pleased at what she did and am wondering why I spent so long just hiding behind my voice on meditations, audiobooks and my podcast. Time to be seen, as well as heard.

Here’s a few of the fun ones …

If you fancy some photos that show your essence, get in touch with Maria.

Death from the skies

Pleasant Plucker

Through the looking glass


Being Heard : Podcasting Again

Now the first draft of Soulwaves, the novel, is in the can – more on that in the next blog – I dusted off The Zone Show podcast this month and started it up again.

In this episode, I chat to Jelena Adzic about her transition from meditator to meditation guide on Insight Timer.

You will hear from Jelena again in the next episode when she turns the tables on me when we talk about said novel … and the next page I am turning.

A Meditator’s Journey

by Tom Evans chatting to Jelena Adzic

Being Heard Even More

I’m thrilled that my new 30 day course, Mindfulness for Busy People, is now live on Insight Timer.

The new course format has allowed me to collate meditations from many sources of mine into the app into one cohesive container. The course contains a mix of remastered existing meditations along with brand new ones that link the whole 30 day narrative together.

It’s ideal for both new and experienced meditations – discover a new way of busy-ness today

Phases of Life

Phases of Life

This month saw the unexpected passing of my mother-in-law. She has been in a care home for 8 years and wasn’t ill (for once). She had had a happy day, laughing and joking and was chatting to my father-in-law watching TV early evening. She was alive one second and gone the next. We had just moved them to their 3rd care home as my father-in-law had had a stroke and needed more care. 

It was peaceful and painless for her and we were lucky to get a funeral slot just before Xmas. We are now left with a bereft person who doesn’t want to be around.

It makes you reflect and realise about the cycles of life. We have been in elderly care mode for at least the last 10 years and this gave me the impetus (and opportunity) to write at least 10 books and create hours of meditative visualisations and resources

Efforts Redoubled

So now our care and attention will increase, as father-in-law will need company, before the end of this year, next year is mapping itself out. When we encounter death, it is natural that we think about our own mortality. The fear of death left me many years ago but I do have a desire to leave behind a legacy of what I have learned for others (and possibly a future incarnation of myself/my soul). So this puts a focus on the next orbit of the Sun.

Project 1 : Soulwave : The Novel : I’ve now decided not to pressure myself on this and just to get the 1st draft written by my next birthday in March. Then to produce the audiobook by the 21st June, which will double as the the best proof read and edit you can get. And then to make the publication date, the 21st September.

Project 2 : Just for Today : These daily nuggets of mindfulness have been going out for well over two years now, latterly illustrated. In the New Year, Siri and I will be taking them to a new place where community involvement sits at the core.

Project 3 : Meditations : My free meditations are already on Insight Timer and more will be coming. One short story (from the Germinatrix) and one new free meditation will be published a month. Plus a new 30 day course will appear Q1 of 2019 which will replace three of my existing standalone courses.

Project 4 : The Big Awakening : While all of my creative output has been finding its way to the world, a massive amount of esoteric wisdom has yet to see general release. Some 1-2-1 mentoring clients have seen and experienced small snippets. I am giving no shape to how it gets out there but I know, with publication of The Big Ü, a channel now exists. Watch this space and it will be revealed – and all I know is that projects 1 to 3 above are the foundations.

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Another Quarter Billion Miles

Winter Solstice 2017The Earth travels over a half billion miles each year as it orbits around the Sun.

So today, on the Winter Solstice, you can think of as being the end of one orbit and the start of the next. It’s a good time to reflect on this orbit’s highlights and what’s coming up on the next spin around our home star.

Here’s what’s been happening since this blog I wrote at the Summer Solstice :

The journey so far:

  • Published the first illustrated Just for Today book with the most delightful and talented co-creator from Norway, Siri Stiklestad Opli
  • Created a 10 day meditation course for Insight Timer called The Art of Timefulness – due out Q1 2018
  • Passed an audition to become a Vistage speaker
  • Delivered two 30 minute keynote sessions as a paid speaker
  • Helped two first time authors, Penny Waite and Siobhán Mullan, publish their books
  • Wrote 35k words of my new novel – 15k to go by end of December!

Just for Today Speech bubbleWhat’s already planned for the next 1/4 billion miles:

  • Write another batch of Just for Today’s – with some differences!
  • Get at least four more authors out in print, ebook and audiobook
  • Rationalise and stream my products into three tiers – free, economical, premium
  • Start the Awakening process for some more Like Minds
  • Deliver the first of many Vistage presentations
  • Publish my novel to celebrate my 60th year
  • Lead the meditations at the Guildford Wellness event at GLive

p.s. If you want to know how to produce this volume of creative output, take the Mindfulness-based Time Management self-study course
mindfulness-based time management