The New Estate

vickiWVicki Wusche is already the author of three best-selling books on property investment. She explains how she came to publish her fourth book – The New Estate: Insights from the 22nd Century

“Now I first met Tom Evans was at a networking group I joined back in 2007. Shortly after I attended one of his book writing workshops. I have always wanted to write a book. My first books then followed primarily as a way to promote my business. They gave me a way to share the answers to questions I was being repeatedly asked – namely how I got started in property investment and how I have grown my business.

Early in March this year, I phoned Tom, as I occasionally do, for a chat. As we spoke, I explained that the first quarter of 2015 had lacked my normal focus and clear determination. He invited me over for a session and an opportunity to see if he could help me gain some more clarity.

When I left after three hours I had not only more clarity, but the outline and publishing strategy for a new book. A story. A major departure from my normal style or content.

Emerging from our session came The New Estate – a story about the future. It is a story about how we can change the future. A story of hope, and I hope inspiration.

Surprisingly, Tom not only helped me gain clarity in my business, but a better sense of a new direction that I was looking for personally. Even more than that, because of his experience as an accomplished author in his own right, Tom understood how the speed and power self-publishing process could help me get to where I was going in ‘no time at all’.

Tom suggested that rather than publishing this story through my existing publisher, I could create a wave and movement with more momentum with indie publishing. From the first conversation with Tom, the writing of the book, its editing and design, through to its appearance on the Kindle store took just five weeks.

Along the way, I found an easier way to write. I discovered that there are no (writers) blocks but just learnings. As a result of using Tom’s methodologies, the book literally just flowed as if I was taking dictation.

Time itself took on an ethereal quality. I would sit down to write and the next thing I knew, another 3000 words had popped out. I could not stop the words flowing once I’d truly connected to my Muse.

Everything just arrived perfectly formed. As a result, I now know that The New Estate : Insights from the 22nd Century, will play a key role in developing my business. At the same time, it will broaden my speaking profile to being one of a divergent thinker, thought leader and inspiration to business owners.”

5 Tips for Publishing on Kindle

Kindle Course Cathy PreslandYou would be forgiven to think that someone who has published eight books on Kindle would know all that there was about publishing and Amazon’s KDP platform.

Well let me disavow you of that notion.

Sure I know how to write a book, format it and upload it for sure but when it comes to book promotion, I confess that I pretty much make it up as I go along – I am still learning.

Now I had pretty good initial success with my latest book, This We Know. A month after I wrote and published it (incidentally which took less than a month), the book got over 30 reviews [UK & US] and not a bad ranking in the charts in its genre.
This We Know Amazon
Since then, like many books, it’s been sliding down into the Amazon noise floor. Like many authors, I was getting despondent and wondering what to do and what I was doing wrong.

Finding Udemy

Then out of the blue, I had an email inviting me to look at Udemy. Less than a month later, I had uploaded three of my own courses – see here … but then a real bonus came in.

I started to connect with other fabulous instructors and to discover their marvelous course materials. One that jumped out and grabbed me straight away was Cathy Presland’s courseĀ  – Publish Your Book on Kindle

Not only does it cover everything you need to know about formatting your book, which is great if you haven’t done it before, but there’s a whole load of really useful information for “old hands” like me on selling and promotion.

I’ve only implemented a couple of the tips this weekend and already sales have started to come in again – eternal thanks Cathy.

I love too the way you share success stories of your students – you are a god send to all authors.

Five Things I Didn’t Know About Publishing on Kindle

  1. How to get eyeballs on my book
  2. How to do a proper Best Seller campaign
  3. How I am not the only one to have made mistakes in the past, so not to give myself such a hard time
  4. How to get people to sign up to your email list from your book – courtesy of Steve Reeves
  5. How it can lead to creating passive income from your writing & blogs – courtesy of Tom Ewer

So whether you are a new author starting out or an existing author, this course should be high on your list of investments this year.

Learn how to really Publish Your Book on the Kindle here

p.s. I am only recommending this course because I purchased it myself.

p.p.s. This is an affiliate link so there is a revenue share for me if you decide to purchase it too. I am pointing this out because if you like the course, as much as I did, you can do just the same.