To Don’t Lists

60 Second Time TipIf you are one of those people who has a To Do List which never gets done, the best way to deal with it is to start a “To Don’t” List.

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Bending Time

7 Top Tips for Blogging Lists

Blogs that list “things” are some of the most popular and retweeted blogs on the Interweb. Like all these things, there are some do’s and some don’t.

Here’s my top seven tips:

1. Make sure the title is snappy, contains a pun or humour and even try and make it rhyme – kind of like this one

2. Go for something that’s topical – e.g. iPad, Ryder Cup

3. Seven is the optimum number as most people can (just about) hold seven things in their short term memory

4. If you have to list more than seven either rank them – e.g. Top Ten in order of popularity – or group them

5. For grouped lists, three is a brilliant number – e.g. Good, Bad and Ugly or Top, Middle or Bottom

6. Three and five are also good numbers, especially when the list have equal weighting like an equilateral triangle or five pointed star – your 3, 5 or 7 points can also form an ACRONYM or MNEMONIC so the list can be remembered more easily

7. Make sure you end with an invite for others to add their thoughts to the list as I am doing now¬† … please add your tips below

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