What’s your meta-strategy?

The latest interview in the Moments of Lights series of podcasts is with Eddie Yu, author of a new book called Speedlights and Elephants.

At a surface level you might take it as yet another book on how to make a million online perhaps making claims that worked for the author but are out of reach for normal mortals. You might cynically think it’s said author’s attempt to make that million for themselves.

Well you’d be wrong on both counts – Eddie’s approach is a breath of fresh air. He is wise well beyond his years and has tuned into two factors that make the difference between failure and success for any business or initiative.

They are our mindset and having a meta-strategy

Listen to interview to find out more and get a copy of the book today if you want to reap the success for your business you so richly deserve …

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After speaking to Eddie, it made me think about my own meta-strategies and that, although I have them, I haven’t communicated or shared them with anyone but close friends.

So I’d like to try an experiment and publically state them here and also send out a call for action which is threefold:

1. Declare your meta-strategy – either in a comment in this blog or elsewhere

2. If you think I can help you with yours, let me know

3. If you think you can help me with mine, let me know

My meta-strategies

To show the world how to tap into unlimited inspiration

To help people how to embrace fears and fulfill their magnificence

To be an instrumental part of the transition from Humanity v2.0 to Humanity v3.0