Back to First Base

Back to First Base

After two abortive road trips, and the vehicle spending over two weeks back at the dealer, our motorhome journey has been eventful and had more downs than ups. We’ve found though that the local Fiat garage can fix it and give us support, so fingers crossed a resolution is in sight.

While it may feel we have gone nowhere, you will not be surprised that much has happened. The circle we have been around is more like a spiral as the 12 short stories that form the prequel/sequel to Soulwaves are now in first draft and I had this feedback from my editor/proofreader …

As you saw from my review, I loved your previous book, Soulwaves.  It covered so many ideas and disciplines and, as an aside, I also loved the tactile velvety feel of the book.
I had an initial read of Insertions.  It’s very exciting.  Compared to Soulwaves you’ve taken this book to another level.  It’s complex and niche.

… this kinda gives me goosebumps and I feel my new creative direction is set. I am loving writing fiction and composing music to go with it. That said, as you can see below, the old forms of outputs are still being cranked out. I guess the Universe has other plans.

Last Moonth’s Output

Again, I can’t believe all of this has been written, recorded, produced and published …

Serendipity and the Soul

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

Entering Service

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

Being Connected

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

What’s Happening Next Moonth?

Well we hope the motorhome behaves itself now and I wonder if it was just the Universe getting me to focus on other stuff.

So over the next moonth or so, Soulwaves : Insertions will be edited and refined and the cover design initiated …

… and there is at least one amazing podcast lined up with somewhat of a hero of mind and one of the greatest minds on the planet!

Creating an Abundance Spiral

Clocks of MoneyNow I am no economist or financial expert but my understanding of the current system of money is that, for many, it is based upon the creation and maintenance of a Spiral of Debt.

What this means is that some people who have money, or access to it, make more and more money by lending it to people who don’t have enough of it.

If the people it is lent to use it to create or build more wealth from it and therefore are using it to ease cash flow, then this is a Good Thing. If however it is being used to make ends meet, it’s a Not So Good thing.

Touch wood, I have always been fortunate when it comes to having enough cash. As I mention in my new book, New Magic for a New Era, I was born into a relatively poor family and was one of seven kids to Irish Catholic, but hard working, parents. Since I left home, I have never been short of cash but do not profess to be loaded, just replete with all I ever need.

I am not qualified, or minded, to change the financial systems of the world or to share the secrets of how to win the lottery or to manifest a million dollars. I can however, with some congruence, share the secrets of how to allow all the cash you need, and more, pop along into your life just when you need it.

I’ve distilled the secret of how I do it into a self study course called Abundant Thinking which reveals the secret behind the alchemy of money generation.

My aim and intent for this course is to generate an Abundance Spiral which counteracts the current financial model. When used on an individual basis, it brings both money and all kinds of other benefits to your world. When used collectively, we make ‘change’ of a different kind.

Watch this short video to find out more …

How to Start Thinking Abundantly

The Abundant Thinking course is available for the relatively small investment of just £33 – you can get it here today !!

The number 33 is important as are the terms and conditions. There is no early bird discount nor a money back after 7 days offer (your statutory rights of course apply under the EU Distance Selling Regulations).

These measures are reflective of an old energy system based upon fear. This course will change and enhance your energy level so you can elevate yourself out and away from such devices. Within a week of taking this course, you will get a return on your investment equal to or greater than £33. It may be though not in cash but in wealth and health generation of a more priceless kind.

As I want as many people as possible to benefit from this program and I realise that, for some, even £33 might be a bit too much to spend right now. For this reason, there is an even lower investment you can make to dip your toe in the water of a more magical world.

For just £3.33 (for Kindle) or £9.99 (in print), you can get my new book, New Magic for a New Era which includes a chapter on money. Just reading this chapter will change your energy and begin to create a new flow in your life. Note that there is magic just in the numbers!

What’s more, by merely buying the book, you qualify to get access to my course on the Magic of Meditation (worth £12) for free …

Get the book here …

and here’s where you can then get my Meditation Magic course

… and don’t take my word for it, some feedback from people who are on an Abundance Spiral

“I seem to have more money in my bank account than I’ve had in a very long time. Synchronicities are showing up like crazy! I feel more grounded and healthy in mind and spirit than ever!”

“One week in after listening to it and clients are turning up out of the blue and sending me money before I even start working for them.”

“Understanding how money and my thoughts are interlinked has changed my world-view at a fundamental level. Thanks Dickens for the Micawber Principle!”

and read this blog by Judith Morgan about her immediate Return on Investment