Something for the Weekend #002


Soulwave tells of a fictional account of a possible near-future for the Earth and humanity. It is a sober reminder of how life on this planet is special and to be treasured.

It tells of a world where the ice caps have melted, the population has renormalised and of the cosmic joke to end all cosmic jokes – as far as humanity is concerned.

It’s written to inspire people to look up in wonder and amazement and to treat every day as if it is your last. We are only here and alive by the slimmest of chances and margins. This we must be eternally grateful for.

This is a sample from the novel of the same name that is being published in 2012.
– or it is also available for your iPhone and iPad if you want a copy to keep and take around with you to share with others

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Soulwave – a future history

Soulwave is a short story extracted from my forthcoming novel.

At only 7000 words long, you can read the whole book in a single commute on your iPhone or Kindle.

Soulwave is a future-history – that is something that might just happen It has happened to the Earth in the past and will undoubtedly happen again – we just can’t say when. It makes any fears about global warming seem trivial.

Although the message seems terminal, the story is really about how life propagates around the Universe that we are just one small part of. It will make you realise that we are only alive on this planet at this time by the slimmest of coincidences. Our planet and solar system are very special and we should cherish them and look after them.

Soulwave is completely free for the iPhone so why not download it today and I’d be so grateful for your feedback here and in the iTunes store.

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Note that it’s also available for the Amazon Kindle and Kindle readers for PC, Mac, Blackberry, Android etc but Amazon don’t seem to be allowing UK authors to add free stuff yet so I’ve made it as cheap as they let me.

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