My Magical Week

The days of our week are pretty arbitrary. Only humans use them and they are based on the names of gods as explained in this short video.

As they are arbritary, as per the example in the video, we can hijack them for our own individual use. So, I’ve come up with a yet another way to run my week using a different tack and leaning that I will adopt each day.

Note that I won’t spend all the day on each tack, just the core. This is mainly because each morning I meditate and write. Late afternoon and early evening, I will network and schedule exploratory conversations and podcast interviews.

In addition, I modulate phases of my projects with the seasons and the Moon phases. So my daily theme might take on a different flavour at various times of the year and each ’moonth’.

For the coming months, here’s what my new weeks look like and I throw down the gauntlet for you to re-define yours 🙂

My Magical Week

Mends Day : each Monday I have reserved three healing slots for clients between 11am and 6pm. I will also be mindful to mend and repair things that need attention in my life and world.

Tools Day : Tuesday is the day I spend all day building new tools for personal transformation and spiritual development. The aim is to build my customer portal into a huge repository of wisdom – I call it The Adytum, it’s quite possibly the world’s first De-mystery School

Weeds Day : Wednesday is another client day. Between 11am and 3pm, I have scheduled 3 client unblocking sessions to weed out those internal gremlins that stop us being magnificent.

Surge Day : Thursday is my day to spend on marketing. I have two slots for podcast guests and love to learn how to get more and more out of my CRM and ecommerce system, InfusionSoft.

Free Day : Friday is my treat. It’s the day I spend writing my fiction. Note that I write and create most days but this is where my creative spirit is set free to explore, dream and expand.

Sitter Day : Saturday and Sunday are somewhat transposable but this is generally the time to sit around, relax and socialise.

Sunny Day : again this might happen on Sitter Day but being outside gardening or walking the dogs is a big component of the week. To dogs of course, every day is a sunny day, a sitter day and a free day. Perhaps they know something that we don’t.

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Seven Secrets of Temporal Alchemy

alchemy clockSome years ago, time began to take on an unusual quality for me.

On a past life regression course I attended, I spontaneously found myself with the ability to see through time. I found I could see past and future lives in peoples’ auras. I’ve since discovered virtually everyone can do this too.

I’ve experienced time slips including jumps forwards by some minutes and jumps backwards some seconds. Time it appears not to be as fixed as is thought. Times certainly are a changin’.

I found these phenomena curious and, as an engineer, I felt urged to come up with practical applications … all of which I find myself teaching these days.

1. Channelling Your Future Self

There is a version of you in the future who knows what you are about to do and what you plan to create. If you are a writer, or any creative type, you can tap into this version of you to get the words you are about to write.


2. Time-based Therapy

If a person has an illness or any trauma in the present, when we learn to see through time, we can ’see’ a version in the past without the dis-ease and also see into the future where the damage is repaired. Especially when combined with an energetic healing modality like Reiki or with chiropractic manipulation and massage, we can use this different-ability to cure all sorts of issues like rashes, allergies and even traumatic and degenerative diseases in bones and muscle.

3. Rejuvenating

We can use the technique of seeing through time to ’image’ a younger version of ourselves. When we ’soften’ time in this manner, we can replace the current version of us with a younger model. Sounds a bit Doctor Who-like? Well nothing we can imagine can’t be done.

4. Ending Temporal Tugs of War

One of the symptoms of living in our space-time with memories, and the ability to perform self-talk, are mental illnesses such as bipolar and schizophrenia. When the thoughts of a person in the now are over imprinted with bad memories from the past or imagined demons from the future, they become pulled mentally from pillar to post. They are caught in a temporal tug of war. Fortunately as thoughts are things, they are can be annulled and cancelled out in the same way matter and anti-matter might interact. Note that cataclysmic explosions don’t result but anullment and escape from repetitive and destructive thought forms.

5. Getting the Lottery Results

If winning the lottery is in your future timeline, you can get the numbers. As most people don’t win the lottery, this doesn’t work for most of the time. In case you are wondering, I don’t bother trying as there are bigger, non-financial riches to be had with a spot of temporal alchemy. Note that it’s a paradox of living in the duality that everything is preordained and we also have the free will to change everything.

6. Getting More Done

When we learn to ’soften’ time, the rate that it passes by takes on an ethereal quality. What seems to happen is twofold. Firstly, time stretches so everything you need to do gets done within the time available. Secondly, all external events begin to happen at the perfect time. This saves bags of time worrying and planning. It leads to the last and greatest secret.

7. Allowing Things to Arrive

It is becoming accepted in all but the most dogmatic of scientific cirlces that our thoughts affect the material world around us. This means we can have a thought and it will manifest. The issue then is making sure we have the right thoughts so we don’t manifest the wrong things.

The way around this is to first set up what is known as a meta-strategy, i.e. The best possible thing that you could achieve while on the planet. Armed with that strategy, and make it a big one, meditate on it daily and simply watch as events around you conspire to make it happen. The result of letting go is to be lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams. Sometimes resistance really can be futile 😉

Want to awaken the temporal alchemist in you?

Take the Living Timefully self study course

If you are an advanced time traveller, find out about becoming a Living Timefully Practitioner

And if you are suffering from a dis-ease or a temporal tug of war, try a spot of Soul Part Integration sprinkled with a helping of TBT