A month of blogging

So just 30 days ago, I elected to start the Ultimate Blog Challenge and do a blog a day for 30 days.

Would I do it again? – yes, but only if I have a game plan as I did for this month

Was it worth it? – a definite yes !!

Am I doing it again next month? – a definite no !!!

A Big Thanks to Michele Scism and Michelle Scaffer for coming up with the concept.

In summary, here’s an index of what I’ve posted.

Day 1 : How to experience Moments of Light

Day 2 : Inspiration in Business

Day 3 : The anatomy of a click through

Day 4 : Whole Mind Not-Thinking

Day 5 : What is Love?

Day 6 : Be an Agent of the Infinite

Day 7 : What do you know?

Day 8 : iPadivity

Day 9 : Making Time

Day 10 : eReading

Day 11 : eWriting

Day 12 : ePublishing

Day 13 : Getting in the Zone

Day 14 : The Golden Age of Self-publishing

Day 15 : Whole Brain Thinking

Day 16 : How to Have A Great Week : part #001

Day 17 : How to Have A Great Week : part #002

Day 18 : The Inspirational Breath

Day 19 : Cross Crawling

Day 20 : Mapping your Mind

Day 21 : Food for Thought

Day 22 :  Which side are you on?

Day 23 : Something for the Weekend #001

Day 24 : Something for the Weekend #002

Day 25 : Something for the Weekend #003

Day 26 : Fear of Ridicule

Day 27 : Fear of Failure

Day 28 : Fear of the Unknown

Day 29 : Fear of Success

Today – this index … Phew !!!


How to Have A Great Week : part #001

So it’s the end of another week and, for me, another week of blogging as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Next week I am starting a mini-series on Whole Brain Thinking and I will end the month with a mini-series on the Flavours of our Thoughts and the concept of Thought Loops that tie us in knots.

Big, big thanks to Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer for coming up with the idea – it’s been so much fun and has made some fabulous connections, several of which will be turning into business in the coming weeks.

As a respite from what has been a wonderfully busy month, weekends give us time to rest, gather our thoughts and plan the coming week.

Accordingly, this is the first in two short blogs on How to Have a Great Week.

How to Have a Great Week – Part 001

Before rushing into next week in the same way you handled the last, it’s time to make some notes of what just transpired.

1. Write down three things that didn’t go as well as you hoped

2. Write down three things you didn’t get done that you hoped to

3. Write down three habits or situations you found yourself in that you hope don’t get repeated next week

– then do nothing until tomorrow’s post which will show you how to make next week go amazingly well

Optionally, you may like to listen to this guided visualisation to make your internal chatter go quiet so that the inspirations for next week can percolate in …

iPad or iPhone? Listen here …