Getting Famous Publicity

Road to TreeEvery so often, it’s a good idea to take stock and reflect on where you’ve been before zooming off to new pastures and the scaling of new heights.

On this sunny Friday afternoon, after the most amazing week, I feel now is about that time.

This is the year that I plan to come out from the shadows and share the gifts I have been blessed with. In about 10 years, I have undergone some sort of ‘upgrade’ from bored IT consultant through to intuitive healer, spiritual mentor and guide, channel and general weaver of magic. This is an amazing blessing but presents itself with a challenge.

How do you take this story, along with the proposition of my books, courses and services, to the market?

Well, I consider myself a very lucky and fortunate chap and this year I have been blessed with the help and support of Tina Fotherby and her amazing team at Famous Publicity. This short interview tells the story of how we are going about it.

What we’ve done in 3 months

– created an active SourceWire feed
– created a mind calming meditation and ebook on why it’s madness not to meditate
– created a Valentine’s Day meditation
– become a contributor to Soul and Spirit Magazine

– plus an interview on BBC Radio Sussex, syndication of the press releases on numerous blogs and an up and coming article and book promotion competition on a well-being portal.

What’s coming up

– an Evans-sent initiative to get the whole world meditating
– a book launch event for New Magic for a New Era
– a series of webinars and workshops based on my magical ecourses
– launch of my personal transformation programme, Awaken Your Inner Magician

I’ll report back in a few months to let you know how its all going – in the meantime, eternal thanks to Tina, George and team !