Creativity Blocks #004: Fear of Success

SpotlightThis  fear is one that can be the most debilitating. Say for example you are an author and you’ve cracked all the other fears and finished your book.

You may even have it printed and published … but maybe it’s not selling and you’re struggling to promote it … and yourself.

This is a fear that I have experienced first hand. One of the reasons I discovered about why it affected me so much was that when I was the most financially successful in my life with two businesses, this was when I was also the most stressed.

So I directly equate success with stress and used my creative mind to avoid success at all costs.

The signs that this is happening in your life are:

  • You jump on to the next project without really finishing off the last thing you were working on
  • You work on behalf of other people before you get on with your own stuff
  • You become a ‘busy fool’

And I am proud to say I have all these T-shirts.

Strategies for Getting over the Fear of Success

1. Redefine what success means to you – it doesn’t have to be about the financials and, of course, being successful without the associated stress is a success in its own right

2. Get in the habit of celebrating all milestones no matter how small and in what ever manner you feel, e.g. every review I get for my books, I proudly share on Twitter and Facebook

3. Have a listen to this short visualisation on Becoming Fear-less


Blocks is an easy to follow guide to unlocking your true creative potential.

This practical and comprehensive book takes you on a journey of the mind to help you banish your blocks forever and tap into an abundant flow of inspiration and creativity.

This book is for anyone who writes regularly, whether professionally or for pleasure. Nearly everyone will at some point have found themselves unable to get into their creative flow and achieve the literary results they are looking for.

‘Blocks’ explains why we get stuck and how to get unblocked. It is available in ebook form and, optionally, with 6 guided MP3 visualisations designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Note that although ‘Blocks’ was written primarily for authors, it can equally be used by artists, musicians and any one involved in any creative process.

List of Contents

So Why Write A Book?
Making Time To Write
Getting In The Groove
So What’s Stopping You?
Mapping Your Mind
Whole Mind Not-Thinking
The Superconsciousness
Becoming Fear-less
Vestigial Minds
The Physicality Of Inspiration
Food For Thought
Using Dreamtime
Reader-Centric Writing
Expanding Time
Writing In Trance
Being An Author
Putting It All Together
Voiding Karma

Three ways to get Blocks:

Blocks on 

Blocks on

Blocks for the Kindle

All reviews gratefully received and appreciated too …

The ‘Blocks’ MP3 visualisation bundle only – £9.99

Note that these MP3’s use relaxing brain entrainment background music to take you into alpha and theta states – approx length 55 mins

Interview with Vanessa Warwick

The Bookwright turns a new leaf

When working with clients with my hat of the Bookwright, it’s been clear for some time that I have always been doing much more than helping them merely write a book.

Along the creative path, if any barriers came up, I have always been well aware that they were life blocks that showed themselves up as writer’s blocks.

Examples might be not enough time in the day, fears of being ridiculed or even success and good old procrastination which shows its face with us becoming ‘busy fools’.

Since I first came up with name, I was always aware it was what’s called a phonological ambiguity – as it’s right to write a book, right?

The New Page

So the word “wright” means many things … all of which I do.

The word book also has many meanings – nowadays, it can be an ebook, an iPhone app, an Enhanced Edition book and many others.

The context though that I am using it in more and more is in it referring to the karmic book of a person’s life.

My new writings and services are increasingly geared to this …

… see my Awaken Your Inner Magician programme as an example

This all turns out to be very fortuitous as I am known as The Bookwright in many on line and off line social networks. A change of name would be a massive undertaking.

I will continue to write my own books and help others with their’s. In addition though, the main book I will be dealing with is the unfolding of the ‘book of karma’ – both my own and those of the people I work with.

So The Bookwright is here to stay and a new leaf turned …

… watch this space as the sequel is nearing first draft !!