2011 is destined to be an enlightening year for many of us as we move into the main transition phase of 2012.

In 20:20 hindsight, I can see than 2010 was a year for laying foundations and clearing residual karma – see That Was 2010

2011 will be about us coming into our full power and being open to what arrives as opposed to pushing water uphill.

As a result of what I got up to in 2010, here’s the new initiatives I already know will be happening this year already …

Note, as they all came about because of books I wrote last year, the first initiative is an innovative author mentoring programme that starts next week on the New Moon to help others do the same …

Initiative 1:

Mentoring authors to write a business or personal development book within one lunar orbit – starts next Tues – places still available

Also writing a book myself at the same time on how to do this …

Initiative 2:

Train more Master Chefs in how to make custom recipes from Flavours of Thought

Initiative 3:

Take more people around the Cube of Karma

Initiative 4:

Finishing off my novel, Soulwave … following a lovely and unexpected review of the short story version I published as an iPhone app last year

Initiative 5:

New book on light bulb moments being published in June – new career as platform speaker and business catalyst to follow