This World We Could Know

Whole World MetaphorI am really thrilled that my new book, This We Know is seeding new thoughts and forming a new movement.

We know that we know loads more than people say 100 years ago.

We know therefore that our descendants in 100 years will know new and different things that we don’t know.

What we also know is that the things we imagine today are the seeds of this new knowledge.

Accordingly, I’ve started interviewing some amazing New Thinkers about the kind of world they would like to see in 100 years time … or even sooner.
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Read the reviews here …

“A little book with a big impact”

“In a category of its own”

“Short, elegant and perfectly formed”
… and find out why a 12 year old boy called it “mind bobbling”

The interviews are posted in reverse chronological order here as, appropriately reversing chronology is part of the mix.

Harun Rabbani on a World of Self Mastery

Pauline Crawford on Smiling and Willing-ness

Christine Miller on Creating a Self-Aware World

The World Francesca Gordon-Smith Would Like to Know

Mark Newey on Slowing Down being the New Speeding Up

What Nikki Turner Would Like to Know

Marie Taylor on Slowing Down and Appreciating More

What Jackie Walker Knows

Sherry Wakeman talking about the acquisition of knowledge …

What The English Sisters Know

Vicki Wusche on a new model for property market

Shelagh Jones on solving the fossil fuel crisis

It’s Powtoon Time

Created Using PowtoonBig Thanks to Lea Woodward and Jackie Walker for pointing me earlier this year at the most fabulous animation tool called Powtoon.

It allows ‘numpties’ like me to put together pretty amazing trailers for product and book promotions – there’s just a few examples below of what you can do with it.

And even better still, they have invited me to do a animation series on how best to communicate a message in Just a Minute … watch the trailer here

Powtoon Application #001 : Product Promotion

I prepared this short trailer to promote my Bending Time ecourse

Powtoon Application #002 : Web Site Landing Page

Here’s a trailer for a new web site for the marvellously talented Sue Warwick

Powtoon Application #003 : Book Trailer

This is an example for a book trailer

Powtoon Application #004 : Presentations & eLearning

I even used Powtoon to build a whole Udemy training course based on an earlier book called Flavours of Thought. This animation is just one of 30 in the course which comprise over 160 minutes of animated content – phew !!

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The Significance of an Equinox

March Equinox 2013This post has been timed for publication on the day and exact time of the Spring Equinox …

The exact time of this cosmically significant event is 20th March at 11:02 UTC

From where I am sitting and where you are reading this blog, we are completely unaware of this twice yearly event – and why should we be? In our modern day world where we are totally in control, nothing as trivial as the orientation of the Earth could possibly have any effect on us … surely?

When viewed from space however, a different perspective emerges. We can see clearly that half the world is in darkness and half in light. Well there is nothing new there as it is like that every day of the year. The difference is that the cusp between light and dark is lined up with the rotational axis of the planet.

This means that every person on the planet experiences approximately the same amount of daylight and darkness, apart from those standing right on the Poles … and of course miners and submariners.

The exact time and day of the equinox, however, is not strictly that important. What is significant is that we should use it as a time for reflection. Too often our years just bleed into each other with each one following the pattern of the last. The fact that the Earth goes around in circles doesn’t mean we have to.

It doesn’t matter so much if there is any astrological or cosmological significance to the Equinox, just that every so often we should take stock and do some forward planning and, once we’ve done that, we should take action.

Spring is a great time to start a new project – for example, I’ve written all my books in Spring – something I only realised after I’d published the fourth book !

So for the last two months I have been planning and Mind Mapping my next book – today I start to write it in earnest !!

So, whether you are planning to write a book, or not, take some time out today to Spring Forward and so the seeds of what you are going to grow over the next 12 months.

Note, although the word equinox is often understood to mean “equal [day and] night”, this is not strictly true. For most locations on Earth, there are two distinct identifiable days per year when the length of day and night are closest to being equal; those days are referred to as the “equiluxes” to distinguish them from the equinoxes. Equinoxes are points in time when the Sun is right over the equator. Equiluxes are days which can be a couple of weeks either side and can vary depending where we are on the planet.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Our Mind of TimeBending Time is a time management programme like no other.

It introduces simple mind-fullness techniques that fundamentally change your relationship with time.

By changing the speed of our consciousness, we alter the perceived passage of time. Simply, we get more done in less time when we learn how to get and stay in the zone.

The techniques you will learn also have some collateral benefits such as improving your vibrancy, complexion and attractive-ness.

When you learn to Bend Time, life becomes easier, your serendipity increases and you stop pushing water uphill.

Listen to this interview with Kingsley Offor from Infusionsoft to hear how his life changed immediately after using the programme …

… and how he’s learned, “Not to sweat the small stuff.”

Start Bending Time today

Kingsley Offor Infusionsoft Bending Time

Avoiding Mindfalls

Mindfall HeadHave you ever had the same thoughts running around and around in your head? Perhaps somebody upset you or crossed a boundary. Maybe you have a conversation looming that you were dreading or are rehearsing a speech or presentation.

These internal ’conversations’ can go on for days. Nothing you do can shake these thoughts from your head. This state is known as a mindfall.

Such mindfalls can be debilitating and can ruin your day. Eventually, if left ’untreated’, they can even lead to mental ’dis-ease’ such as depression or, on the flip side, even generate illusions and delusions of grandeur.

In this short video, I show how to use a single flavour to jump out of a mindfall.