Just One Domino

Domino 1 : New Magic for a New Era

New Magic Dominoes

At the end of October last year, I booked a Power Date with the magical Lea Woodward to get a helicopter view on what I was doing and where I was going with my business.

One of the outputs of the session was that I should write a book about how to live a charmed life. I started writing the book in December last year.

I didn’t appreciate fully at the time that that business strategy session made the first domino topple over. The book was published in February this year and caused a whole set of other dominoes to topple over effortlessly.

The New Estate on KindleDomino 2 : The New Estate

Vicki Wusche started my advanced training programme, Awaken Your Inner Magician, in March – just after my book was published. Within two months, Vicki had learned the secrets of stretching time and channelling her future self.

The result was the publication of her fantastic new book, The New Estate, by the end of April. The book explores the future of the property industry and proposes a new vision for the way we live.

Clocks of MoneyDomino 3 : Abundant Thinking

To complement and augment the book, I have developed a suite of self-study programmes for those who want even more magic in their lives. One of the most popular is called Abundant Thinking – and it’s all about money alchemy.

Only a week after launching it, I was pleasantly surprised to see this blog by the wonderful Judith Morgan on how it instantly worked for her – A Spiral of Abundance

The Cube of LightDomino 4 : The Cube of Light

Another advanced explorer, Gary Plunkett, has taken the ‘software upgrade for his soul’ with my Awaken Your Inner Magician programme.

As a result of taking the ‘upgrade’, Gary has developed the most remarkable personal and business transformational tool. Learn how we used it to pull things up by their bootstraps in this blog and podcast on The Cube of Light

OBBL-logoDomino 5 : One Big Coincidence

With the new book, I am doing something I have never done with any of my previous books and that’s to do a proper launch.

What’s remarkable then is that the venue for the launch, chosen ‘at random’ by CompletelyNovel, is exactly the same building in London from which I launched my first business over 30 years ago – there are of course no coincidences.

Find out more in this blog – One Big Coincidence

PodcasterDomino 6 : Interviews are like Buses

As well as being a bumper month on my own Zone Show podcast, I’ve also been interviewed nine times. Find out how podcasting sells books and how I switched from the magic of television to the magic of the mind in this eclectic set of recordings

Discover too how to get exposure like this in this podcast with Tina Fotherby of Famous Publicity – PR for the People

Amit GoswamiDomino 7 : Amit Goswami on the Zone Show

A real highlight for me this month was interviewing one of the brightest brains on the planet right now. Find out why Amit Goswami thinks Quantum Economics is so Vital

Heart-full LivingDomino 8 : Unexpected Side Effects

Another spin off from the ‘New Magic’ book is another self study course called Heart-full Living. It is designed to energise and awaken the chakra system such that the life and people you love just turn up, as if by magic.

Imagine my surprise then when one lady who took it told me that the 4th visualisation around the heart completely freed her from back pain. You gotta love it when that happens !

I will be adding more dominoes to this blog in good time and feel free to add your experiences of magic in your world by way of comment below …

A Trip Around the Cube of Light

The Cube of LightI had the great pleasure a month ago to be introduced to a new tool for personal and business transformation called the Cube of Light.

My tour guide was Gary Plunkett and I know I can claim to be the first person ever to travel around this gem because it came from mentoring work I was doing to help Gary.

As you will hear in this interview, pulling ourselves up with our own bootstraps in this manner is part of the brilliance and ‘insight-full-ness’ that comes from using this tool.

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast

Book yourself a session with Gary

Email : gary AT garyplunkett DOT com

How Judith Morgan got a 200% return on investment

A Spiral of Abundance

Learn the secrets of money alchemy

Abundant Thinking

Take a journey to awaken all your mind centres – created after my tour of Gary’s cube

Heart-full Living

To discover how you too can embrace and develop powerful tools for transformation – for both you and your clients

Awaken Your Inner Magician

Interviews are Like Buses

interviewPodcast Usually these days, I am the one doing the interviewing on The Zone Show podcast.

The emergence of my new book, New Magic for a New Era, seems to have created a whole bundle of conversations where the tables are turned and I’m the interviewee. Like buses, there have been none for a while and then loads seem to have come along. So I thought it would be a good idea to collate them all into one place.

Video Interviews

Unlocking Creativity in Writing with Ricardo Fayet of Reedsy

For more, see http://blog.reedsy.com/post/119363838368/unlock-creativity-writing-tom-evans

Five fears that stop you being magnificent with Natalie Uhlarz of Merkabah

Quantum Economics is Vital

I was honoured this week to interview one of my heroes and one of the leading thinkers on the planet at the moment, Amit Goswami, on the Zone Show.

His latest book, Quantum Economics: Unleashing the Power of an Economics of Consciousness, is a landmark in new thinking and paves the way for a new way for us to both run our planet and our individual lives.

Topics covered :

  • How a quantum physicist came to be writing about economics
  • How economists can get their head around the world of quantum
  • The new science of the subtle and the domain of potentiality
  • The advent of vital energy products and enhancing human capital
  • How quantum physics can be applied to the social arena
  • How quantum economics can create a bridge and balance between the 1st and 3rd Worlds
  • How the pharmaceutical industry could benefit from tapping into vital energies
  • A theory about the true nature of dark matter and energy
  • How everyone can embrace and tap into vital energy
  • What a quantum political manifesto would read like
  • How to become a consumer and lover of subtle energy

Useful Links

Amit Goswami’s web site
Buy the book on Amazon
Follow Amit’s Tweets

The New Estate

vickiWVicki Wusche is already the author of three best-selling books on property investment. She explains how she came to publish her fourth book – The New Estate: Insights from the 22nd Century

“Now I first met Tom Evans was at a networking group I joined back in 2007. Shortly after I attended one of his book writing workshops. I have always wanted to write a book. My first books then followed primarily as a way to promote my business. They gave me a way to share the answers to questions I was being repeatedly asked – namely how I got started in property investment and how I have grown my business.

Early in March this year, I phoned Tom, as I occasionally do, for a chat. As we spoke, I explained that the first quarter of 2015 had lacked my normal focus and clear determination. He invited me over for a session and an opportunity to see if he could help me gain some more clarity.

When I left after three hours I had not only more clarity, but the outline and publishing strategy for a new book. A story. A major departure from my normal style or content.

Emerging from our session came The New Estate – a story about the future. It is a story about how we can change the future. A story of hope, and I hope inspiration.

Surprisingly, Tom not only helped me gain clarity in my business, but a better sense of a new direction that I was looking for personally. Even more than that, because of his experience as an accomplished author in his own right, Tom understood how the speed and power self-publishing process could help me get to where I was going in ‘no time at all’.

Tom suggested that rather than publishing this story through my existing publisher, I could create a wave and movement with more momentum with indie publishing. From the first conversation with Tom, the writing of the book, its editing and design, through to its appearance on the Kindle store took just five weeks.

Along the way, I found an easier way to write. I discovered that there are no (writers) blocks but just learnings. As a result of using Tom’s methodologies, the book literally just flowed as if I was taking dictation.

Time itself took on an ethereal quality. I would sit down to write and the next thing I knew, another 3000 words had popped out. I could not stop the words flowing once I’d truly connected to my Muse.

Everything just arrived perfectly formed. As a result, I now know that The New Estate : Insights from the 22nd Century, will play a key role in developing my business. At the same time, it will broaden my speaking profile to being one of a divergent thinker, thought leader and inspiration to business owners.”